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Bankruptcy Lead Generating Service

Bankruptcy affects hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses in the US every year. People are searching for attorneys who can represent them in the proceedings. BrokerCalls has the tools and resources to steer high-quality Bankruptcy leads straight to your law firm.

Receptive Leads

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Acquiring bankruptcy leads from a lead-generating service means that the person on the other end of the line is ready to begin bankruptcy proceedings.

The receptive bankruptcy leads want to know how you can help them begin the filing process. Our bankruptcy lead generation focuses on qualified clients that are ready for your firm’s services.

Putting Your Focus Where It Matters

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Acquiring clients can be a painstaking task; every minute spent on a prospect that is not interested in your services equates to lost time and money. Our bankruptcy lead generation provides your company with a way to bypass much of the wasted time that can be spent on finding new clientele, allowing you to put your focus where it matters: a high lead conversion rate.

Your Ideal Lead

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BrokerCalls acquires its bankruptcy leads in both real-time and through extensive research. Each lead is carefully vetted to better understand their individual needs so that it can be matched with your services and criteria.

  • Real-Time Leads – One of the ways that we provide you with reliable bankruptcy leads is through our real-time leads system whereby a prospect is put directly through to your company when they call for information.
  • Researched Leads – You will receive a list of potential clients with the pertinent information so that your representatives can contact the ideal lead that would be interested in your firm’s services.

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