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We find QUALIFIED inbound phone leads who are actively looking for the services you offer. Not only do we generate top quality calls ourselves, but we also work with reputable phone lead providers to vet calls that will work best for you.

You don’t want calls that are stale, overused or not of the best quality – we wouldn’t either! That’s why we work hard for you to make sure these calls stay fresh and the callers are interested in exactly what you offer.

BrokerCalls makes sure to partner with only the best call providers that will give top quality results. We have B2C call generation tools to monitor call quality to ensure they meet the standard in terms of target market, call time, content of call, duration, compliance and more. This keeps a consistent flow of superior phone leads coming your way.

BrokerCalls is a broker of calls between call provider and customer. We buy and sells phone leads for businesses like yours.

How BrokerCalls Works

BrokerCalls owns & operates call generation via SEO & Pay Per Call services. We are also a broker of calls between call provider and customer. We buy and sell phone leads for businesses like yours.

We offer 2 types of calls in real time. One is caller initiated inbound calls and the second is a pre-qualified warm transfer.

On an inbound call, the caller is actively seeking your services. We are able to drive interested consumers while they are shopping online.

For the pre-qualified warm transfers, advertisers drive callers looking for a quote to agents that will ask a series of questions, related to your business. Once they are pre-qualified, they are transferred to your office.

All calls are driven on a performance cost-per-call basis.

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We offer phone leads in real time so you’ll be the first to call
We deliver calls to a huge variety of brokers and agents.

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