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BrokerCalls is a fast-growing online pay per call marketing company based in Ft Lauderdale FL and is currently seeking new team members. We specialize in a few different verticals such as finance, legal, travel, home services, and insurance. We believe in helping our employees grow to be as successful as possible. We work hard and offer a supportive team environment to help you reap the benefits of a job well done.

Benefits & Compensation:

  • 50% Paid Health Insurance
  • Optional Dental Insurance
  • Optional Vision Insurance
  • No Cost Life Insurance (25K)
  • Sick & Vacation Pay
  • Base Salary: Commensurate with Experience


Job Opportunities:

Affiliate Account Manager

Job Overview: The main focus of the Affiliate Account Manager role will involve identifying potential new affiliate partners, promoting our industry leading affiliate program to them, and effectively managing the on-going relationship with existing partners.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Market and promote BrokerCalls through various social media platforms and other various online platforms.
  • Aggregate leads and grow existing accounts.
  • Join, create and communicate with clients (Publishers) through blogging, posting, and chats groups.
  • Capture and record affiliate/publisher leads through social media outlets to SalesForce.
  • Negotiate, pre-vet and submit purchase orders for calls from Affiliate/Publisher to CSR team.
  • Keep rapport with client base and evaluate ongoing market changes with traffic sources.
  • Reporting on SEO improvements from marketing efforts created with social media outlets.
  • Communicate, document, and coordinate efforts using SalesForce CRM.
  • Occasional travel for trade shows and conferences.


  • 3+ years knowledge with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Knowledge of Google Drive applications.
  • Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of Pay Per Call traffic types and pricing models.
  • Candidate should possess a strong ambition for learning and competency in adapting to understand new concepts.


Account Executive

Reports To: The Client Service Rep will report to the Senior Director of Client Relations.

Job Overview: The Account Executive is an integral part of our Client Services team. The incumbent will manage accounts, they are the face of the company in terms of building & maintaining relationships with publisher/buyer accounts. They will interact daily with the BrokerCalls sales reps and be overall support to the sales teams. They will be responsible for the entire process of onboarding accounts thru to ensuring quality calls are being sold to buyers.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Onboard publisher/buyer accounts
  • Initiate MSA and IOs
  • Update SalesForce
  • Initiate offer/campaign set-ups to the operations team
  • Coordinate with the accounting department to resolve billing & reporting discrepancies
  • Relay Quality Assurance reports & Data Analytic reports to meet performance standards
  • Address & resolve any publisher/buyer concerns due to call performance, quality, call failures, state changes, etc.
  • Occasional travel for trade shows or conferences


  • Associates/Bachelor’s Degree in Communications/Business field preferred but not required.
  • 1+ years of related experience preferred
  • Ability to multitask, good memory, and able to work independently, conflict resolution, interpret and communicate reports.
  • Works well with others, and able to communicate details to team members effectively.
  • Must be proficient with computers, Microsoft suite (word, excel, etc.) Google Docs.


Director of Affiliate Accounts

Job Overview: This role is open to remote candidates, as well as open to anyone in the Ft Lauderdale FL area.

Job Requirements:

  • Exceptional organizational skills and must be very detailed orientated.
  • Forward-thinker with analytical reasoning.
  • Personable but still careful on an approach to interactions.
  • A person should possess an ambition to learn new things and is competent in understanding new concepts.  
  • Candidate must be a go getter with a driven personality.
  • 3 years’+ experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • 1 year+ knowledge of Google Drive applications.
  • 1 year+ experience with working in Salesforce CRM. 
  • 3 years’+ Pay Per Call experience.
  • Knowledge of Pay Per Call traffic types and pricing models is required. 


  • Researching and prospecting new affiliate accounts across all media platforms.
  • Vetting of new affiliate accounts.
  • Logging, keeping track, follow up of vetting & onboarding process for affiliate accounts.
  • Understanding TCPA compliance practices.
  • Daily communication with internal sales team and QA/Compliance departments.
  • Spotting trends, identifying & enforcing KPIs.
  • Updating and managing CRM daily.

Send your resume to Contact@BrokerCalls.com to apply for one of our job opportunities.