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Getting quality health insurance leads is now easier than ever before. With thousands of high-intent prospects shopping for affordable health insurance every day, there is even more potential for agents to enhance their sales and conversions.  When you join BrokerCalls. you’ll be able to build solid relationships with prospects who are actively looking to purchase health insurance

With our exclusive health insurance leads, BrokerCalls helps your business expand and grow. Gain access to some of the highest-converting health insurance phone leads by choosing BrokerCalls as your call generation service.

The calls that are routed to your organization are pre-qualified and are only sent through once they match all of your criteria. Onshore, legitimate sources generate our calls. Working with BrokerCalls will provide your company with a steady stream of high-intent, qualified, final expense insurance leads.




Motivated Prospects

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Through our sophisticated call generation services, your company’s representatives are able to speak with motivated prospects. These callers are looking to change their insurance provider or get a new health insurance plan. Through our system, cold-calling unwilling prospects can be eliminated. This allows your representatives to focus all of their efforts on clients that are ready to get health insurance coverage.

BrokerCalls connects you directly with health insurance calls that convert. Our callers may be interested in:

  • Discount medical card
  • Limited benefit plans
  • Short-term plans
  • Health care sharing
  • High-deductible plans
  • Catastrophic plans
  • Point-of-service plans
  • Medicare Supplement
  • And more…

We carefully pre-qualify our health insurance customers so that you can specify what type of client you are looking for based on their needs, their location, their income, and other pertinent information.

What Calls You Get

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We meticulously collect prospect information, which ultimately results in the best health insurance calls. Based on your company requirements, we match the most suitable calls so that both the prospect gets what they want, and your company is connected with motivated clients.

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