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BrokerCalls provides some of the best auto insurance leads for providers looking for ready-to-convert prospects. We carefully sort and categorize our calls for auto insurance so that you can spend less time vetting calls and more time meeting your sales goals. 

We provide our clients with regular quality assurance reports and their own call-tracking platform. As a trusted source for top-quality auto insurance leads, BrokerCalls allows its clients to see what calls are coming in so that they can monitor their return on investment and manage your incoming leads. 



Growing Your Business

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It can be difficult to compete with the top auto insurance agencies. They spend millions each year on ad campaigns to attract clients and increase brand awareness.  However, clients are often not happy with their current plans or have just bought a new vehicle and are looking to explore their options before deciding on an insurance provider. We find these prospects and carefully categorize them based on their individual needs and means.

With BrokerCalls, we will connect you with our high-intent auto insurance leads so that your representatives can target the clientele that is looking for their first or new insurance provider. In essence, we provide you with the means to grow your business by focusing your efforts on our motivated auto insurance calls with high conversion rates.

How it Works

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Our dedicated quality assurance team and stringent compliance measures are at the heart of the BrokerCalls difference. By ensuring that your traffic is compliant, you can be confident that BrokerCalls will only send you calls from reputable publishers and our own expertly managed marketing campaigns.


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