home services leads
home services leads

Find out how you can benefit from Home Services Lead Generation.

One of the most difficult challenges Home Service contractors face is generating new home services leads to help grow their business. Nearly every business relies on a steady flow of new customers in order to expand and meet financial obligations.

Growing home service companies through lead generation is where BrokerCalls can help lift your business to the next level. BrokerCalls eliminates the struggle of finding new customers by directly linking you to qualified home services leads in need of essential home services.

Before you start searching for new home services leads, it’s important to learn about how home service leads work. Continue reading to find out how the intricacies of home service lead generation is a key indicator for success in the industry.

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1. Types of Home Service Leads

Not all leads are created equal and not all leads convert sales but having knowledge of the kind of leads that skewer more toward converting will impact the success of your lead generation campaign. Here are common types:

  • Exclusive – A single business connected to home service leads produces higher quality leads and a better opportunity to reach your target demographic.
  • Shared – Having other businesses sharing your leads means cheaper as well as more competition with other contractors specializing in similar home improvement services.
  • Real-time – Transferring incoming calls to your business as the customer is calling gives you the ability to convert a lead-based off their initial interest, in addition to knowledge of the type of customer inquiring about the service.
  • SEO– Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to better promote your company online by improving search engine rankings.

2. How to Ensure Your Home Service Leads Are Verified

Wasting resources interacting with prospective leads not located where you’re contracted to perform home improvement services often translates to a lost opportunity somewhere else. Focusing on verified leads help enhance finding people ready to hire a contractor:

  • Personalized: Customize your leads by filtering out which lead best suits your company by controlling where the interested patron is located, as well as the service they’re requesting.
  • Pre-screened: Using pre-qualified questions on web forms or phone screenings help determine if the consumer is interested in your type of home service specialty.

3. Bidding Techniques Used in Home Improvement Leads

Using performance-based marketing techniques, lead generation companies produce a variety of bidding methods to move customers directly to your business. See which bidding systems are the best value for home improvement leads:

  • Pay Per Click: Pay a fee for each online click a lead generation company brings to your website, which helps produce online traffic and improve search engine rankings.
  • Pay Per Call: Live phone leads sent directly to your business, which is then tracked to determine conversions to ensure dealing with a person directly interested in your services.
  • Pay Per Lead: When a user signs up online or provides home service information, businesses pay for each lead directed their way to help reach customers with expressed interest.

4. Don’t Let Complacency Set In

As the lead generation process constantly evolves, growing complacent with your lead generation strategy is a tactic you can’t afford to try. A proven and reliable technique may work one day but technological advances may render that strategy obsolete the next. 

Staying ahead of your competitors in home improvement leads generation will help ensure you’ll always growing your business with new customer that generate results.With BrokerCalls’ expertise in producing home improvement leads through strategic online software, you’ll never have to settle for just any lead and instead you can enjoy prescreened and prequalified leads sent directly to your home service business.


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