pay per call marketing

Discover how pay per call marketing can work to your advantage.

While internet marketing continues to expand into new areas, the older marketing avenue of pay per call marketing continues to be one of the more effective ways to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

With mobile smartphones playing such a vital part in our everyday lives, performance marketers with enough savvy to capitalize on the growing need for smartphones can reap the benefits. In order to provide you a better understanding of how pay per call marketing operates, we’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to help learn how to effectively execute pay per call marketing strategies.

1. What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing began with basic newspaper advertisements directing consumers to call a listed number to purchase a certain product or service. Late-night infomercials also feature pay per call marketing strategies with listeners encouraged to call a number on the screen. As a simple way for advertisers to purchase and connect to verified calls from interested customers, the premises of pay per marketing’s remains similar in today’s market.

The definition of pay per call involves a marketing strategy that pays publishers to produce qualified calls through the publisher’s messaging efforts. By using pay per call marketing as a lead generation strategy, businesses can buy inbound calls from potential customers on a per call basis.

By interacting with interested customers in real-time, pay per call marketing has numerous advantages for businesses to convert leads as they come in.

2. Which verticals perform well for pay per call?

Any purchase industry that focuses on lead generation typically does well in the pay per call strategies. These industries include healthcare, insurance, financial, home services, travel, and legal services. Pay per call also works well for any businesses that sell products requiring human touch and interaction in order to purchase.

3. What do Pay Per Call Networks Provide?

As the popularity of pay per call increases due to high-conversion rates, there is numerous pay per call networks that provide platforms for advertisers and publishers to connect on.

By connecting advertisers with publishers, pay per call networks are essential in the process of generating phone call leads to various businesses. All pay per call networks provide various platform tools to help navigate the pay per call industry.

Your choice of pay per call networks will vary based on verticals you wish to interact with, support needed to execute campaigns, geographical location, and revenue-sharing strategies.

4. What Are the Benefits to Publishers?

By monetizing both online and phone traffic through pay per call channels, publishers can create a new revenue stream to complement their current business ventures. With each call carefully tracked through completion, publishers in pay per call gain access to higher conversion leads.

5. What Qualifies As a Commission?

With advertisers having the ability to set a predetermined criteria to define if a call is commissionable, each earnable commission is based on the advertiser’s preferences. Commissionable calls are generally based on the length of the call, information gained, location of the call, and whether the call generated a sale or qualified lead.

6. How do Pay Per Call Companies Operate?

Pay per call companies is typically hired by advertisers to help increase the number of inbound calls from interested customers to the advertiser’s business. Pay per call companies also doubles as affiliate publishers with their ability to distribute business to the advertiser.

With a goal of generating phone calls for the advertiser, pay per call companies use various techniques and marketing campaigns to generate phone leads. After determining what constitutes a legitimate call to a business, the publisher is paid a fee from the advertiser for each call to the business.

As a performance-based form of marketing, pay per call companies typically generates higher quality leads than traditional online campaigns in order to produce revenue. To generate the best results, pay per call companies can experiment with the various type of ads and channels to facilitate the most profitable calls to a business.

Final Pay Per Call Thoughts

Pay per call has many benefits with both publishers and advertisers. With BrokerCalls here to help you navigate the lead generation market through pay per call, please reach out to us to discuss how we can maximize your pay per call efforts whether you’re a publisher or advertiser.


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