Auto Accident Leads and How to Get Them |
Auto Accident Leads and How to Get Them |

Looking to obtain auto accident leads? Find out how by reading below.

Marketing your practice as an injury lawyer can be a competitive business. Lawsuits win and lose huge fortunes every day, and hundreds of lawyers vie for a limited number of clients. How do you make sure that you’re there for people who need legal representation? Certainly, you can buy leads firm lead generation services for a while, but it could turn out to be expensive in the long run.

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Up until twenty years ago, when accident victims needed lawyers, they went to the phone book. Then came the internet and Google, and changed the game. Today, if you’re interested in personal injury leads or auto accident lead generation, you need to be serious about mastering lead generation on Google. When you learn to run a Google Ads campaign expertly, you will find new leads calling you every day, looking for legal assistance.

Target the important keywords

If you want good leads, you need to make sure that you have quality content on your website based on the keywords that your clients use when they look for information on car accident lawsuits or personal injury lawsuits. You also need to target your pay-per-click ads at the right keywords. It isn’t a good idea to aim for generic words like law firms or injury attorneys. Your ads are likely to show up on too many searches not specifically aimed at car accident lawsuits. Instead, you need to target keywords like car wreck lawyers and accident attorneys. Your website needs to provide specific, useful, legal information in every area that an accident victim in your state is likely to need it, and reel in interested parties.

Make use of negative keywords

When you have a limited pay-per-click advertising budget to work with, you need to make sure that it isn’t wasted on irrelevant clicks by searchers who don’t really intend to make use of your services. One of the most effective steps that you can take is to specify to Google Ads what search terms your ads are not supposed to show for. For instance, if you’re interested in personal injury leads or auto accident lead generation, you wouldn’t want to show up on searches for law schools, real estate lawyers, and divorce attorneys. Going on Google Ads and specifying what keywords you don’t want to show up for, can help make your campaign far more cost-effective. You need to exclude negative keyword phrases like I was at fault, the other driver doesn’t have insurance, non-injury, and so on.

Design a good client onboarding system

Far too many law practices make the mistake of not putting enough trained personnel on the phone to accept calls when those leads actually arrive. Many law firms easily miss 25 percent of the calls that they get, simply because there’s no one around to man the phones. People calling a lawyer after an accident are usually lost, confused, and scared. They want to hear a professional and empathetic voice as soon as possible. If their call to you goes unanswered, they will simply go back on Google and look for the next lawyer to call. It’s important to install dedicated phone lines for those who call or those who feed information into your online forms.

Someone in a quiet room needs to be able to talk to leads as soon as an interest is expressed, ask the right questions to determine that they have a good, financially rewarding case, and immediately sign them on. It doesn’t do to simply tell the caller that someone will get back to them in a while. Injury and accident victims tend to operate with a sense of urgency and need help right away.

Invest in search engine optimization

Your website needs to be a reassuring presence when potential clients arrive to look for information. You need to design a professional website, target the right keywords, offer high-quality information of the kind potential clients are likely to be interested in, ask your clients to leave honest reviews on Google, and work on getting well-respected industry websites to link to the information on your website.

When you’re a lawyer dealing with auto accident injuries and personal injuries, it’s important to realize that there are a great many professional lawyers out there determined to get every part of the lead generation puzzle right. It can be hard to stand out in such a crowd when you don’t put in a strong effort. Getting your lead generation right in each one of the ways listed here can be a good start.

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