How to Generate More Credit Card Processing Leads |
How to Generate More Credit Card Processing Leads |

If you need to sell more credit card processing contracts, the path to more leads involves greater investment. What follows are different ideas for ways to get started with a credit card lead generation plan. 

Pay for leads  

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Many providers of leads offer their services to credit card processing businesses. They usually sell appointment-scheduled leads at about $80 each. While it may be an expensive way to come by leads, you can be reasonably certain of coming by good ones. Some lead generation businesses do offer leads at lower prices, but these leads tend to be ones involving businesses that have only expressed mild interest in a new credit card processing contract. Needless to say, appointment-scheduled leads tend to be far more worth the investment, than cheaper leads.

Use a Lead Generation Company

You can get very good results in hiring a lead generation agency like Broker Calls to find you leads. Their job is to make calls around, and screen for the most qualified prospects to present to you. Telemarketing companies tend to have their own contact databases, to begin with, and use their depth of experience to quickly and efficiently target potential clients. In addition to finding leads to present to you, telemarketers also follow up with leads for you. They represent your business for you and gather the information that helps them determine for you where a potential customer is in the sales funnel at a given point of time. Telemarketing can be a profitable investment.

Invest in pay-per-click advertising 

Buying pay-per-click advertising on Google Ads for credit card lead generation can be expensive. Good, converting leads in this category can end up costing as much as $200 each. Facebook advertising is an option, as well. Pay-per-click advertising can deliver leads that close at an 80-percent rate — people who click on your ads are likely in the market for new credit card processing services, and only click if they are actually interested. Advertising of this kind isn’t simply about throwing a text ad together, paying Google or Facebook, and watching the leads roll in, however. You need to have a top-notch, professional website, and you need to be willing to properly integrate your pay-per-click advertising into it. 

Begin to build a database  

Taking your time to build up a database of small businesses that might be interested in your offerings, can be an efficient way of trying credit card lead generation. You could deploy software automation to help save time. CRM software could collect email addresses from every business that it contacts, send out automated lead generation emails, and, when someone shows interest in your product, notify you so that you can pick up from there. 

Share quality content 

When you offer valuable industry content and insights on your website, blog, and social accounts, you can attract potential clients interested in learning more about credit card processing and related matters. You do need to be able to invest time and money in creating or acquiring good content, however. 

You don’t need to choose among the different methods available to you and try just one. Instead, it could help to try them all. You could certainly try old-fashioned approaches such as direct mail marketing or going door-to-door, but you could also hire a telemarketer to get qualified leads willing to make an appointment.  They could get you email contacts for your mailing list, as well, so that you can try marketing on them to gradually get them interested. Certainly, you could pay for leads at first, but once you try these methods for a few months, you should have your own lead generation machine at minimal outlay. 

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