Creating Online Sales Leads for Small Travel Agencies |
Creating Online Sales Leads for Small Travel Agencies |

Using holistic online strategies such as social media, PPC and affiliate marketing can help you create more leads and grow your business.

Search engine advertising and social media advertising have transformed how regular people come by inspiration to undertake leisure travel. They have changed how they choose travel agencies to buy travel services. This means that for small travel agencies that do not have access to a roster of repeat and referral clients, a functioning digital marketing strategy can be critical for business. Small travel agency lead generation can deliver results.

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Many experienced travel businesses depend on having their websites appear at the top when people conduct product searches with terms like all-inclusive Bermuda resorts. They rely both on search engine optimization and paid search ads to rank well. In general, pay-per-click search ads for travel cost in the region of $1 a click. Facebook ads usually cost the same. Many small travel agencies begin testing their ads on a budget of about $300 a month.

It’s important to realize, however, that simply throwing money at ads doesn’t work. Advertising only brings results when you have a thorough strategy in place. You need to know exactly what to promote, what exactly you will ask viewers of your advertising to do, how you will follow up with leads once they demonstrate interest, how you will measure the effectiveness of your ads, and so on. If you don’t have all of it thoroughly worked out before you spend on advertising, it can turn out to be a waste of money.

Increasing sales organically

In many cases, small travel agency businesses are able to derive significant success just from their efforts to rank organically, with no paid search advertising helping them along. As difficult as it may appear for small businesses with modest budgets to succeed, it is these businesses that own about 50% of top Google search results among a pool of close to 50,000 important travel industry keyword phrases.

In general, smaller players are able to obtain encouraging results from search engine optimization when they focus their efforts on one or two niches and devote their SEO budgets to creating high-quality content for them. If you create a webpage that has the answers that your audience looks for and needs, Google delivers it to them. It doesn’t matter that you are a small player with a non-existent budget. All you need to do is to work hard on creating the most informative content possible in the niche that you wish to target.

Certainly, it may take up to six months before your search engine optimization efforts begin to supply you with a steady flow of leads. If you can afford a small advertising budget, however, it could help you tide over the initial lag by delivering you more leads when your search engine optimization has not yet begun working.

You need to be in for the long haul

Many travel agencies make the mistake of spending on ads for a week, panicking at the lack of results, and giving up advertising altogether even before the search algorithm or the Facebook algorithm has time to optimize the results that viewers see. They tend to become similarly apprehensive when their search engine optimization seems slow with results.

Search engine optimization and advertising work together for the best small travel agency lead generation. It’s a good idea to determine to get into these activities with a meaningful idea of how they take time and focused effort to get right. They are an investment in the future of your business, and not mere expenses. Rather than simply try impromptu advertising and content creation, you need to go in with a plan and stay for the long haul. You’ll find that the results come to you.

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