open enrollment 2022

open enrollment 2022

Generate More Health Insurance Leads Today

Every year, countless Americans gear up for the open enrollment health insurance period. Open enrollment in 2022 is a critical period where many people can enroll in a health insurance plan that can provide them with the care they need. If you’re a health insurance broker, this could be a busy time for you as long as you put a plan in place to receive quality health insurance phone leads through BrokerCalls’ call generation techniques. We pride ourselves on helping our clients develop a plan for health insurance lead generation that will help them recognize their business goals.

Open Enrollment 2021

Regardless of the health insurance plans you offer, there are only certain times during the year that a potential client can take advantage of it. This usually takes place between November and January. The only other time that a person may be eligible for health insurance is if they experience a specific life event. Open enrollment in 2022 can either be a time where you have the opportunity to grow your business, or you may experience a stuttering effect unless you take steps to develop the correct type of strategy.

How to Get Phone Health Insurance Leads from BrokerCalls

One of the leading reasons BrokerCalls is such a trusted name in the industry is that we take the time to learn more about the phone leads you would like to receive. For example, suppose your business focuses on offering Medicare-specific plans. In that case, the last thing you will want is to receive a phone call from a young person shopping for catastrophic insurance. We can constantly tailor the types of leads you want to receive from targeting a specific age group or narrowing down on clients interested in a particular kind of insurance.

Our process of finding health insurance leads entails weeding out the clients that are only lukewarm about the idea of finding the correct type of health insurance and provide you with an opportunity to speak exclusively to leads that are ready to close the deal now. You have the option to manage your leads in different ways. You can opt to take the call in real-time, or you can take the leads and reach back out to them around your busy schedule. You also have control over the number of leads you receive to ensure you can communicate with every lead in due course.

BrokerCalls Has High-Quality Calls for You

Have you spent countless hours cold calling potential clients only to realize that you have wasted your entire day? Are you tired of focusing on ways to find clients because there are other aspects of your business that need more attention? BrokerCalls is here to help. We provide you with access to high-quality calls from clients ready to take advantage of your insurance options.

Contact BrokerCalls

When you’re ready to develop your strategy for quality health insurance leads, the BrokerCalls team is here to assist you. We ensure you access all the leads and resources you need to make open enrollment the most successful time of year. If you would like more information about the health insurance phone generation options, please contact us today at (855) 268-3773. You can also get in touch with us through social media by checking out our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.


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