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Using Pay-Per-Call to Drive Window and Door Leads

For home service companies specializing in windows and doors, generating leads is critical for the business. However, the type of leads the business focuses on can be more beneficial for a home service company specializing in windows and doors. For the home service industry, pay-per-call campaigns can connect companies directly with motivated, high-intent customers ready to buy home services, such as new windows or doors. Pay-per-call lead generation services offer numerous advantages, making it an effective strategy for many businesses looking to drive more qualified window and door leads.

What is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-per-call advertising refers to a model where advertisers only pay when a call from a prospective customer is generated. Typically, a business will partner with a pay-per-call network that sources call leads and connects them to the company. The business then pays a pre-set cost per call received. For businesses needing help to connect with motivated buyers ready to make purchasing decisions, pay-per-call for window leads and door leads represents an innovative marketing method that delivers positive results. 

Benefits of Pay-Per-Call Leads

There are several advantages that make pay-per-call an effective lead gen strategy for companies looking to generate window and door leads:

Highly Targeted

Campaigns can be optimized to reach prospects actively looking for windows and doors and ready to speak to a company rep. Geographic and demographic targeting helps connect with high-intent customers.

Increased Qualified Leads

Since callers must pick up the phone and talk to a real person, pay-per-call leads convert faster than simple website inquiries. The quality is higher since pay-per-call simplifies the process of contacting businesses, offering a convenient and immediate means of accessing information or making inquiries. This model fosters trust and transparency between businesses and consumers, enhancing customer experience. 

Call Tracking

Businesses have transparency into the volume and source of leads. Analytics provide insight into peak call times, top-performing campaigns, caller demographics, and more.

Cost Certainty

Paying only when a call comes in allows companies to monitor marketing costs. There is no wasted spending on impressions and clicks that don’t convert.

Quicker Sales Cycle

Warm call leads skip stages of the buying journey, moving prospects closer to a sale. Companies can capture lead details and immediately follow up.

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Optimizing Your Pay-Per-Call Campaign

To maximize the impact of pay-per-call, focus on these best practices:


Leverage geo-targeting and call-tracking data to determine where leads and sales are coming from. Refine targeting to those high-converting zones.

Ad Creative

High-quality, compelling, and creative ads improve call rates. Include a clear call-to-action focused on phone calls, not clicks. Dynamic ad elements can enhance relevancy.

Call Center Prep

Give reps resources and training to convert interested callers into scheduled estimates. Pay-per-call requires different follow-up protocols.

Platform Mix

Test across various sources for calls like Google, Facebook, native ads, TV, etc. See which platforms drive calls at the lowest cost.

Tracking and Optimization

Continuously gather call data and optimize campaigns based on performance. Pay special attention to qualified call rates in addition to volume.

Is Pay-Per-Call Right for Your Window Business?

Pay-per-call advertising deserves a long look if you’re looking to scale up lead generation and sales for your window or door business. The high-intent, qualified leads pay-per-call delivers provide tremendous value. To get started, research pay-per-call providers like BrokerCalls, decide on an initial budget, create compelling ad messaging, and integrate your sales process to convert calls into customers. 

Partnering with BrokerCalls for your pay-per-call campaigns provides a significant advantage by accessing high-quality, qualified leads. BrokerCalls has an effective process for generating inbound calls directly from motivated prospects actively looking for your products or services. Our team sources these calls by leveraging targeted digital ads and lead-gen strategies. Additionally, BrokerCalls thoroughly vet calls from other lead providers to ensure they will convert for your business. By working with BrokerCalls, you get pre-qualified, sales-ready calls from interested customers who are ready to buy. This proven process saves your sales team time and boosts conversions. Contact BrokerCalls today to tap into our expertise in generating and qualifying inbound calls so you can experience faster growth and a strong return on your marketing investment for window and door leads. You can reach us at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating window leads and door leads for your business.

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Sean d'Oliveira
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