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Financial Planning

BrokersCalls provides your business with highly-targeted financial planning leads, allowing financial advisers and planners to connect with their ideal clients. We have done the work for you through our intricate lead generation strategies so that you can focus on maximizing your company’s profit and growth.

The Right Leads

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Financial planning is a crucial part of retirement and fiscal success, and an effective plan is a top priority for people who are concerned about their financial future. Our financial advisor leads are carefully screened to ensure that each prospect who is unhappy with their current investment strategy, and are looking to better manage, expand, and diversify their portfolio.

Don’t allow outdated tactics to drain your budget and time; low-lead success rates can be improved by focusing your efforts on only the most suitable leads for financial advisors.

What You Get

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To better understand why our leads for financial planners are so cost-effective, we will explore the two types of leads regarding financial planning leads:

  • Lead Information – Each prospect is carefully screened and then categorized based on their financial profile and current needs. You are then given access to all of the pertinent information about the financial advisor leads for your representatives to contact – knowing that the prospective client will be receptive.
  • Exclusive Real-Time Leads – Being first is important in any industry. BrokerCalls provides real-time leads for financial planners allowing you to connect with a prospective client as they call looking for information about financial planning. At BrokerCalls, you get what you pay for; to ensure quality leads, pricing is based on the length of the call after the client has been connected to your company representatives.

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