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Life Insurance

BrokerCalls can connect your company representatives with life insurance customers that are ready to convert. Through our sophisticated call generation process, you gain access to motivated callers for life insurance that are ready to work with you.

Calls Generated for You

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Life insurance agents can’t waste time and resources dealing with nonverified and stale phone leads not interested in the exact type of insurance they specialize in. Which why BrokerCalls can ensure your life insurance calls match the exact criteria you set.

If your life insurance agency is in need of new customer generation techniques, BrokerCalls can guide calls in any of the following categories:

Term Life Insurance: Consumers ready to purchase term life insurance have an abundance of agents to choose from. With so much competition, it can be difficult to consistently generate new clients. The customized services at BrokerCalls can help enhance your new customer generation tactics.

Whole Life Insurance: Many customers are trying to determine how much life insurance they need. BrokersCalls specializes in identifying call generation opportunities for agents specializing in specific types of coverage.

Final Expense Insurance: Many agents have a specific target audience they’re trying to reach, and the call generation services at BrokerCalls can ensure you’re only receiving calls in your specific area of expertise.

Using Life Insurance Calls to Give You an Edge

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Life insurance becomes important to everyone at some point in their life. The majority of people in the United States don’t feel that their current plan is enough or don’t have any form of current life insurance. But to find life insurance customers that are currently looking for cover can be a time-consuming task.

Through our call generation services, we can provide your company with customers for life insurance that are at the point in their life where they are seeking coverage or callers that are looking to explore their options and get even greater coverage. With your representatives talking directly to motivated customers and spending less time convincing unwilling clients, your company can gain a competitive edge.

High-Quality Calls to Match Your Requirements

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Our call generation services focus on gathering information about prospects that fall into various pertinent categories. We examine prospects’ preferred coverage type, what pre-existing conditions they have, their age, and the amount of coverage they are interested in, among other things.

Your company will then receive the high-converting calls based on the specific type of client you are looking for, such as their age, location, and coverage amount.

As a prospective customer calls in search for information about life insurance, we then connect them through to your representatives in real-time, allowing your company to be the first to assist the client.

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