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Focus your business efforts with motivated investor clients from BrokerCalls. Through our carefully selected high net worth investor calls, your business can be put in touch with ideal investors who are eager to get started or expand their portfolio.

Quality Calls

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Most people realize the importance of investment when their net worth increases, understanding that through investment, their long-term goals can be obtained – whether it’s establishing a trust fund or working toward retirement. These ample-fund investors are finding suitable investment advisors every day.

As an investment advisor, it is difficult to track down the investors who are ready to invest their sizable savings – with every failed phone lead, business expenses accrue. However, through BrokerCalls motivated investor calls, you can be put in contact with your ideal client without needing to spend excessive time finding them, saving you valuable resources.

Specialized Criteria – Exceeding Your Expectations

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BrokerCalls understands the importance of qualified clients for investment advisors that are ready to be converted. We obtain our calls through trusted sources, helping to avoid issues such as insufficient current liquidity or mismatched criteria.

The pre-qualified calls include targeted investors that are currently interested in investments into:

  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Blue Chip Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO’s
  • Speculative Stocks
  • Oil and Gas
  • Small Cap
  • Foreign Exchange / Forex

BrokerCalls offers real-time investment calls that are ready to invest. Qualified investors are put directly through to you when they call looking to invest.

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