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BrokerCalls is a leading pay-per-call (PPC) network that is a purely result-driven service ideal for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) needs. A results-driven focus provides some of the best return on investment (ROI) on PPC-based services with ample customer control over the number of calls, time of calls, call length, compliance, target market, and more.

With our pay-per-call advertising services, you will receive qualified calls in various industries, including the financial sectors, home services, insurance industry, and travel-based leads. One of the main advantages that clients have with BrokerCalls is that they pay based on the amount of qualified, vetted calls they want to control as well as how much business growth and ongoing business they want at any given time with the ability to adjust their volume daily.

Our performance marketing is a powerful tool for business growth. The qualified leads that will come through our pay-per-call marketing campaigns bring customers actively seeking your product or service right to you, cutting out endless in-house marketing costs and time spent running underperforming campaigns. Our PPC services allow you to focus on your products, services, and customer service – saving you time and money.

If your company is not getting the results you want to see from your marketing efforts, then let BrokerCalls inject new life into your business by driving motivated clients to you—how and when you want it.

BrokerCalls is the perfect partner for your business. We qualify calls in several competitive industries to find you the most motivated customers ready to buy. But unlike other agencies, our services are driven by performance. You only pay for highly qualified leads for your particular industry with control over every aspect of the call.

Our results-driven business services make us the top pay-per-call agency specializing in some of the most competitive markets there is. These competitive markets make it difficult to find clients through traditional channels unless your business is prepared to spend a significant amount of money on in-house marketing, which may never find your ideal target market or result in positive ROI.

As a top pay-per-call agency, BrokerCalls understands the challenges businesses face in the financial, travel, home services, and insurance fields. We work closely with your company to ensure your company growth aspirations are met and sustained so your business can flourish and establish itself as a significant contender in these contentious fields.

BrokerCalls is the perfect partner for your business growth. We bring qualified leads to your doorstep so your team can focus on converting sales, reducing the cost of your marketing efforts, and improving your ROI through our pay-per-call marketing services.

What Is Pay-For-Performance Marketing?

Pay-for-performance (P4P) marketing is some of the highest return advertising because you are only paying for tangible results. The agency receives payment based on the performance of the services provided—in this case, lead generation services for competitive industries.

Pay-for-performance marketing is beneficial for both parties and can far outshine other forms of marketing that may take months or years to yield enough results to make it worth it. P4P marketing has emerged from the massive amounts of data that marketing agencies such as BrokerCalls can collect, giving us an edge and passing that advantage to our clients.

Hyper-targeted advertising such as how we produce our qualified, motivated leads to allow our clients to have their ideal target audience come to them while sifting out essentially time-wasting leads that take your team’s time without producing the kind of ROI needed to excel in today’s online world. We seek out your target audience when they are motivated.

With our substantial marketing-savvy expertise, you are essentially adding a world-class marketing team to your company which you pay based on the performance of the qualified leads. With BrokerCalls, your company will find growth and expansion without having to worry about the complexity of today’s online marketing world.

How Does Pay-Per-Call Marketing Work?

We have created a streamlined call generation service that we own that includes our own SEO campaigns and affiliates. We also broker calls between call providers and customers and seek out the most qualified leads based on each of our clients’ exact call preferences.

Our PPC lead generation services can be broken down into two types of calls. The first is calls that customers initiate after finding a service or product that they are looking for. These inbound calls are ready to buy and are actively looking for our client’s services.

The second type of call is pre-qualified warm transfers. The pre-qualified warm transfers are essentially people transferred by advertisers who seek quotes or services. They are asked a series of questions to “qualify” them so we can effectively place them with a service or product that meets their needs. These questions will be related to your business services or products to send through only the calls that want what you offer. They are then transferred to your business so that your team can convert them into a client.

Both types of calls are then performance-driven, and your company will pay on a cost-per-call or pay-per-call basis. The quality of the calls that meet your pre-established requirements such as location, income, services wanted, and more will be among the highest conversion rate out of any type of marketing, which is why many companies opt for PPC types of services over other forms of marketing that takes time and requires far more effort from your team.

How to Track Pay-Per-Call Marketing

BrokerCalls provides unparalleled control over the qualified leads sent to your company. Our client interface allows you to adjust the calls that you receive efficiently, such as the number of calls, when you want them, and the quality of the calls, among other things, on a daily basis.

With the pay-per-call model that we use at BrokerCalls, you won’t be straddled with a monthly plan that may not be working out for you. Instead, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the calls at any time, helping you to effectively match your marketing budget and optimize your return on investment.

We provide you with easy-to-use software that you can control, which helps cut out the need for constant interaction between your company and BrokerCalls. It’s essentially a simple app you can use and adjust as you see fit to meet your company’s needs.

Our software tracks every aspect of the PPC advertising campaign so you can see the results for each day and then adjust it with the ample information you have at hand. We want our clients to feel entirely in control of the qualified inbound calls they receive from us.

Is Pay-Per-Call Marketing Profitable for The Buyer?

Many forms of online marketing can be challenging to justify. For example, while SEO marketing involves social media, website design, content, email campaigns, and video marketing, it is vital for natural growth in the online world. Your company may end up spending thousands upfront and continually, but the results of the marketing efforts may only be realized several months later. This places a business in a predicament; they need to spend a small fortune on marketing that doesn’t show a positive ROI for months and may never truly be worth it, but they also need to do it to compete in today’s world.

Paid advertising like pay-per-click on places like Google or social media can quickly become very expensive, and it can eat at your profits and sometimes barely be worth it based on the sometimes-low conversion rate.

Pay-per-call marketing is one of the most profitable forms of advertising for the buyer, especially when the service is easily controllable and each call is meticulously vetted. Several benefits stand out with pay-per-call marketing compared to other forms of online advertising. For starters, pay-per-call is especially good for finding local clients. If your business is looking to increase their local customer base, then the calls that you can receive through BrokerCalls can be pre-qualified so that you only get calls from potential local customers, which is something that can be difficult if not impossible with other advertising methods.

The turn-around tends to be far better with pay-per-call leads which means that it becomes very profitable in the short term, where it counts. Pay-per-call leads through BrokerCalls are about immediacy, and callers are actively seeking services instead of just browsing and exploring their options.

The ROI with pay-per-call is among the highest available due to the hyper-targeted caller that is eventually given to you. It is essentially a win-win situation because you are paying for highly qualified, motivated leads with a far better conversion rate than traditional online marketing techniques. After all, the legwork to get there has already been completed by BrokerCalls.

How Is P4P (Pay-For-Performance) Different from Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-per-performance and pay-per-call are essentially different in how you pay for them. They are slightly different models, but the difference becomes very little when dealing with the type of high-quality calls you’ll receive from BrokerCalls.

Pay-for-performance (P4P) is a payment model for qualified leads where the client will pay based on their sales performance. It places the onus on the agency to ensure that their leads are converting or they may not get paid and ensures that the ROI for the client is always positive.

Pay-per-call (PPC) is a model where clients will pay for each call they receive. If the calls were low quality and low converting, then it may not provide a good ROI in some cases. Still, when you’re dealing with pre-qualified calls through BrokerCalls, where each lead is carefully assessed and matched with your pre-established requirements, then it can become even better for your ROI than the pay-for-performance model.

Each model has its benefits, and the choice is yours to make, but it essentially comes down to how well you know your target market. If you know precisely the type of person your company wants to convert from a lead to a sale, then the PPC model may be better, and the P4P model may be more suitable if you are still figuring out your ideal audience. Of course, this advice only applies to high-quality phone leads, such as what BrokerCalls offers.

BrokerCalls will work closely with you to help you establish the various requirements for inbound calls that will result in the best balance between conversion rate and call volume, so your ROI is optimal.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Per-Lead Calls?

Several vital benefits involve paying for per-lead calls as a company looking to increase sales and business growth. Some of the benefits that your company will have by buying qualified leads through BrokerCalls includes the following:

  • Our extensive tracking of your leads can help your company quickly identify the most effective marketing channels and target audience, helping you optimize your marketing and sales strategies.
  • The return on investment is almost guaranteed because BrokerCalls will put through only clients actively seeking your service. You are paying for tangible results.
  • With our lead generation service being results-driven, we continually optimize the leads we generate so that your business and BrokerCalls see growth.
  • Since we are results-driven, you will have access to all of the data and quality of the calls you receive, and this visibility gives you complete control.
  • Buying per-lead calls from BrokerCalls will help eliminate unnecessary budget wasting that can sometimes be rampant with other forms of online marketing.
  • Our high-quality leads result in your sales team talking to motivated buyers, which ultimately means they have to spend less time on clients who may not be ready to buy, thus optimizing your sales team’s time.

Industries That Perform the Best with Pay-Per-Call Marketing

BrokerCalls has narrowed down the industries that perform the best with pay-per-call marketing because, after all, we are a results-driven agency, and when our clients do well, so do we. We have found that the best industries for this type of marketing include the following:

  • Insurance Leads: The insurance leads that perform best with the pay-per-call marketing leads that we provide include auto insurance, commercial insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and renters insurance leads.
  • Home Services Leads: The home services leads that perform best with PPC leads include home and auto, warranty, and various home services such as security systems, roofing, pest control, plumbing, flooring, HVAC, and solar services leads.
  • Financial Leads: The financial leads that perform best with pay-per-call marketing leads include mortgage, bankruptcy, tax debt, merchant cash advance, debt settlement, credit repair, student loan, and consolidation leads.
  • Travel Leads: Travel leads perform very well with pay-per-call leads because new clients are always needed.

Scale Up Your Lead Generation With SEO-Driven Calls

The quality of our qualified leads lies in how we produce them. We generate leads through search engine optimization (SEO). This process involves running complex SEO campaigns in the home services, travel, financial, and insurance industries that have had the time to mature and grow to where clients are continuously reaching out to use to find these services.

Our veteran experience in SEO campaigns yields exceptional results that have been ongoing for years are what our clients can take advantage of. Instead of spending months or years building your own natural search engine results, you can take advantage of ours.

Companies that rank high on search engine results see considerably higher potential leads than low-ranking results. The difference is truly staggering, and it is why so many businesses that start their own SEO marketing campaigns struggle to yield positive ROI because of the sheer amount of work involved. With our SEO-driven motivated calls, your business can essentially skip those steps and partner with a company that is experts in the field of SEO-driven marketing, helping to produce a highly profitable return on investment.

The immediate results that your business will get through our lead generation service will allow you to scale up your business like never before. You can increase the number of calls and their quality by narrowing down your target market at any time, resulting in seamless growth that will exceed your expectations.

Why Work With BrokerCalls for Pay-Per-Call Marketing?

BrokerCalls is a company that was started by industry veterans that recognized a need for pay-per-call marketing leads that produce leads that are highly targeted, thanks to the advancements in data collection, SEO, and growing demand for more effective marketing channels.

Businesses today are expected to become experts in online marketing, but the industry is constantly evolving and flooded by ever-increasing competition. However, the level of advertising and SEO needed to achieve a positive return on investment is often difficult to reach because it would essentially require the company to hire experts in online marketing full-time, which would easily become a massive financial hit that, in competitive markets, may not be feasible.

BrokerCalls circumvents this by providing industry-leading marketing expertise to each of our clients that is affordable and will help business growth. Our high-quality leads can provide companies in competitive fields with a constant supply of high-converting customers without needing online marketing experts.

BrokerCalls have created a robust affiliate network and SEO campaigns that continually drive high volumes of leads for the financial, insurance, home services, and travel sectors. If a company comes to us today, they will receive immediate rewards from our extensive ongoing efforts to drive motivated clients to companies in these sectors.

Not only are we able to drive qualified leads to businesses, but we understand the need for each company to be in complete control of their leads so they can constantly adapt them to their changing needs. The level of control that we provide our clients over their leads means that they can improve and adjust their business better based on the information at hand. This is one of the reasons why companies find exceptional growth through our lead generation services.

BrokerCalls forms strong relationships with each of our lead buyers. By understanding their needs and working together to find the ideal target market using our monitoring tools’ insights, both BrokerCalls and our clients will grow. We become crucial partners in the constantly-evolving online world that want to see your business succeed as much as you do.

As our clients grow their brand, BrokerCalls grows. We share our clients’ success, and they share ours. Our network of affiliate call providers and our SEO-driven leads will give your company an endless stream of motivated leads that will help your business grow year over year. Particularly for those in the financial sector seeking to assist customers with debt relief settlements, our targeted approach ensures that the leads you receive are precisely what you need. Contact us today so we can take the work out of online marketing so you can yield the rewards of a stream of high-quality leads right to your doorstep

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Ready to expand your business?

BrokerCalls offers highly qualified inbound calls and phone leads.
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