June 19, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, FL. – BrokerCalls, a Pay Per Call leads generation company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL  announces a nationwide expansion.  BrokerCalls has been growing steadily since it first launched in April, 2019 building a reputation for helping companies grow faster and more efficiently.  Today the company announces the recent addition of new team members on both the East and West coast to better serve our growing network of clients in multiple territories. 

BrokerCalls’ East Coast office will be headed up by Karl Modl, Director of Strategic Accounts.  Modl is based in Northern Virginia and serves clients in Home Services, Home Security, Medical Alert, and Solar verticals.  He brings 12+ years of experience in strategic partnerships and digital marketing having built a successful career positioning technology companies for explosive growth. 

Prior to a successful entrepreneurial run and several consultancies, Modl reshaped the home security affiliate and partner landscape while setting a new standard for relationship management.  Modl’s previous experience includes establishing teams, partnerships, and digital marketing campaigns across three nationwide home security/IoT companies which generated 75,000+ residential accounts, thousands of positive customer reviews, and over $300 million in lifetime revenue. His leadership in the fields of customer acquisition and business development make him a valuable addition to the BrokerCalls team. 

The West Coast office will be led by Tyson Su, Director of Business Development, located in Los Angeles, California.  Su manages clients in the Insurance, Financial, and Mass Tort Legal sectors.  A graduate of Columbia University, he brings over 15 years of experience in the fields of digital marketing and business development.  Mr. Su’s prior achievements include building a $1.5 million pay per call network from scratch and having been a member of the executive team at Sony Pictures Mobile Division where he was responsible for $22 million in revenue worldwide.  Su’s deep understanding of all online marketing disciplines makes him a perfect fit for the BrokerCalls team. 

Stacey Makin, VP of Business Development, continues to lead the entire team from its Fort Lauderdale, Florida headquarters.  Makin has spearheaded the company since its launch achieving tremendous growth and rapid expansion in a short time. Prior to BrokerCalls, Makin spent over 15 years in the fields of affiliate marketing, pay per call, and SEO.  “With this new expansion, we’re excited to be able to drive high-quality calls and leads for even more businesses in more regions of the country”, says Makin.

BrokerCalls is a leads generation company that helps businesses across multiple sectors bypass the need to attract their own leads by delivering qualified phone leads interested in their specific products and services.  BrokerCalls owns and operates its own SEO and Pay Per Call marketing campaigns that drive interested consumers to call, they are then able to qualify those leads and transfer them directly to businesses that specialize in the services the caller is searching for. 

BrokerCalls is constantly expanding its offerings and adding new verticals.  At the time of publication, they provide leads to businesses in the insurance, financial, home services, home and auto warranty, travel, mass tort, and personal injury sectors.

The company was created to fill a need in lead generation services to help businesses streamline how they obtain proven and effective leads.  Their continued success and ongoing expansion can be attributed to their excellent reputation for quality, consistency and top-notch customer service. 

For more information, visit BrokerCalls.com.

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