Fort Lauderdale, FL – BrokerCalls has become a member of the prestigious Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG), a non-profit that provides a platform for forming strategic alliances between leading companies in the financial services and insurance sectors.

As a part of the ICMG, BrokerCalls will be able to take advantage of targeted network opportunities, resources to help successful company alliances, and the sharing of experience and knowledge by leading businesses.

BrokerCalls has established itself as a leading provider of qualified financial, home services, travel, and insurance pay-per-call (PPC) leads. They provide buyers with unparalleled control over the inbound calls and leads generated through a powerful affiliate network and their extensive online marketing campaigns and expertise. Their PPC lead generation service is based on a results-driven model which means that their clients’ growth is their growth, leading the company to the fruitful position it is in today.

“The Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) is a non-profit association that fosters and promotes business networking among insurance and financial services professionals and firms,” ICMG’s executive director, Larry Sigle, said. “Our members consist of insurance carriers, insurance marketing organizations, and organizations that support the insurance industry.”

“BrokersCalls attended our recent annual conference and we welcome them as a corporate member,” Mr. Sigle added about one of its newest members.

BrokerCalls, which has seen tremendous growth and expansion in recent years, allows companies in the insurance and financial services verticals to connect with motivated buyers and see an exceptional return on investment. The company is excited about joining ICMG and believes its membership will lead to the formation of many strategic and prosperous partnerships.

The driving goal at BrokerCalls is to provide their clients with qualified leads that are perfectly suited to their services. Their services have become a staple for many insurance and financial services companies as a way to generate profitable growth without the need to invest heavily in traditional marketing channels which often result in low return on investment. This also frees companies up to focus on converting their leads into sales and streamlining their business to meet market demands. 

By joining ICMG, BrokerCalls’ continued success and growth will become the success of their clients which the company views as their partners in business.