October 9, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – BrokerCalls, a Pay Per Call leads generation company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently announced the hiring of David Stock, the new Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Compliance.

Stock brings over ten years of experience in strategic business development, focusing on growing sales and enhancing marketing techniques. He specializes in crafting analytical solutions to increase revenue and lower company expenses. Stock says he takes pride in improving customer satisfaction while also taking the initiative to improve staff morale by finding innovative ways to continue their professional development and personal growth.

Stock also possesses a Bachelor of Applied Science in Economics from Florida State University and a real estate license from the State of Florida. He also serves as a Junior Board Member at the Hermanowski Family Foundation, which provides grants for children and young adults to improve their lives.

As the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Compliance for BrokerCalls, Stock will ensure clients’ needs are being met while also developing marketing and compliance practices. BrokerCalls is a phone lead generation company, which provides high quality verified leads to companies in a variety of industries. BrokerCalls primarily deals with businesses in the insurance, financial, home services, warranty, legal, and travel verticals, but is branching out to other industries as it expands.

BrokerCalls owns its own Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Call marketing campaigns as well as partnering with performance-based affiliate marketers, enabling it to provide clients with lead generation techniques that generate positive results. By using its tools and resources to screen interested consumers calling for certain services, the company can directly transfer those customers to the specific business in real-time.

The company’s continued growth and success have enhanced its reputation for generating proven leads to its clients. Stacey Makin helped found the company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and serves as the VP of Business Development for BrokerCalls. Makin has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing, pay per call, and SEO markets. She said adding Stock to the ever-expanding team at BrokerCalls will enhance its commitment to providing exceptional customer support while helping grow its clients’ customer base. 

“David’s vast experience and knowledge of marketing and sales make him a valuable addition to our team,” Makin says. “His sales and marketing expertise will be extremely beneficial as we continue our sustained growth.”  


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