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As the demand for mental health and telepsychiatry services skyrockets, so does the need for a consistent flow of leads to your telehealth practice. When you partner with BrokerCalls, you receive executive, pre-vetted calls from real people looking for the services you offer. 

Telehealth, also called telemedicine, is the future of the healthcare industry. Through telecommunications and digital communication technologies, patients are able to receive remote healthcare services in the comfort of their own homes. 

The telepsychiatry industry continues to grow and the amount of people looking for these services is rapidly increasing. Being able to reach the right customers first is essential in creating a lasting relationship with your clients. 

The flow of qualified callers to your firm is entirely under your control, allowing you to raise call volume at any time. Our tracking software also provides deeper market information; with your account manager’s assistance, you’ll be able to better identify target markets and optimize other areas.

Telehealth Leads Generated for You

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BrokerCalls finds eligible inbound telepsychiatry leads who are actively seeking the services you provide. The exclusivity of our mental health leads is one of the reasons why our calls are of such high quality and provide the best ROI possible. BrokerCalls cares about the success of their clients which is solidified through the client success manager, the results-driven model, and our transparency.


Calls You Can Count On

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When you purchase telepsychiatry leads from BrokerCalls, you are getting verified and exclusive mental health leads looking for the services you offer. BrokerCalls is your business development partner. We only succeed if you do, which is why our results-driven lead generation service has established itself as a market leader in high-quality, exclusive telepsychiatry leads. BrokerCalls becomes an extension of your firm, eliminating the need  to remain current with your online marketing in order to get actual results.

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