real-time travel leads

real-time travel leads

Let BrokerCalls Provide You with Real-Time Travel Leads

The coronavirus pandemic had a direct impact on nearly every industry globally. Without question, one of the sectors hit incredibly hard was the travel industry. As the world begins to adjust to the “new normal” of COVID-19, the travel industry has started to reopen. With many people now ready to take to the sky, sea, and road to travel to their favorite destination, the importance of generating real-time travel leads has increased.

It’s important to remember that generating real-time travel leads can be challenging, particularly for an industry severely impacted by the global pandemic. Continue reading to learn more about the specific type of travel leads your business can generate thanks to the experts at BrokerCalls.

How the Process of Travel Lead Generation Works

With the travel industry beginning to buzz with interest and excitement again, you must take advantage of the rise in travel interest. Right now is not the time to waste your time talking to a client who is still lukewarm about booking their next vacation. Instead, you should focus your attention and efforts on people who are ready to schedule their getaway right now.

Our travel lead call generation service entails simplicity. You provide us with an overview of clients you are looking to attract, and our team will then pre-screen clients that show interest in the travel service you are offering. You will have the option to choose whether you would like to reach out to these potential clients or if you would like to receive real-time travel leads.

Types of Travel Leads

Travel leads tend to fall into three main categories: flight booking, hotel booking, and cruise booking. Trying to cold call clients to generate a sale in any of these categories can be particularly challenging for any travel agent due to the competition in the market today. This difficulty is where travel lead call generation can significantly help your bottom line.

For example, if your business focuses on booking cruises, you may have specific types of cruises you offer. Perhaps you only provide cruises to certain parts of the world during the year. BrokerCalls can ensure you will only receive leads specific to the type of sails you offer. This type of personalization helps you to develop a better impression with potential clients because they know you have a travel offer they find appealing.

How BrokerCalls Can Help

The BrokerCalls team works diligently to screen potential clients for you to get the most out of your contact with them. You let us know the type of travel client you are looking for, and we will provide you with access to customers that are ready to book their trips now. When you are prepared to learn more about how BrokerCalls can help you with real-time travel leads, please reach out to us at (855) 268-3773. You can also reach us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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