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There are many ways to generate more travel leads and online marketing is one of the best avenues.

Travel agents often find it hard to come by promising leads, or to generate them. You can only depend on your friends and family so much, to bring you business.

What you need to help your business thrive, is a way to generate travel leads in a consistent and reliable way.

The truth is, it takes hard work. What follows are ideas to help you take advantage of the resources that you have available to you so that you can win lead after lead to keep business humming.

1. Work on word-of-mouth

It’s possible to utilize word-of-mouth marketing to create travel agent leads. You can do this by working in the following directions:

Get customers to talk: Nine out of 10 people trust in and act upon business recommendations that they receive from friends and family. Encouraging your existing customers to talk about your product can be an excellent way to generate travel agency leads.

Encourage loyalty: A customer referral program can help existing customers bring in people they know. Research indicates that when people are introduced to a business by someone they know, their likelihood of staying loyal to the business rises by 18 percent.

2. Work on encouraging decision making

When it comes to vacationing, people often make up their minds in seconds. They view advertising or documentaries, dream about a vacation, and quickly make up their minds.

It’s important to help people along in each one of these stages. Your advertising needs to get people dreaming, your planning needs to help customers address every minute concern to do with their travel.

The reservations should personalize the vacation to the preferences of the customer.

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Ready to expand your business?

BrokerCalls offers highly qualified inbound calls and phone leads.
Reach out and get started today.

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3. Put new possibilities in front of your customers on social media

Install Periscope, Facebook Live and other such services on your smartphone, and use them to create persuasive marketing videos. These videos can be powerful ways with which to engage potential customers.

4. Rope in chatbots

As artificial intelligence technology evolves, chatbots do, too. Chatbots can be great travel agent lead generators. Models built especially for the travel industry can help you find new customers, and engage existing ones.

5. Create a quality website

A great website can be an excellent way to generate travel agency leads. No matter what the source of your leads, people will always check out your website first before they even call you.

Making sure that your website is attractive, informative, and easy to navigate, can help you ensure that holidaymakers choose your service, rather than the services of competitors, to put their holidays together.

6. Invest in search engine optimization

SEO professionals should be a part of your website even as you create it. SEO isn’t a gimmick that uses tricks to send your website to the top of the search rankings.

Instead, it’s a collection of methods used to create websites in a way that appeals to human users. Websites created in this way appear to search engines as likely to satisfy human users, as well.

When you have powerful SEO, the search engines put your website in front of searchers. Investing in the best SEO services should be a non-negotiable part of your plan to generate your travel agency leads.

7. Social media marketing

Your travel agency should be on every major social networking channel that your customer base is on. You can start out with one social network, master it, and then expand your presence across every important social network in your industry.

It can help to check out what other successful travel agencies do with their social marketing, and take inspiration from it. It can also help to court influencers in your industry, and gain credibility through them.

Putting thought and effort into your lead generation can help make your marketing far easier.

If you’re unfamiliar with the methods listed above, it may make sense to find a marketing company that can help you at least for a while. Once you have the hang of the best lead generation methods, you may then begin to take charge of your own effort.

Contact BrokerCalls today and gain access to resources and tools to start driving more valuable and quality travel leads that can generate positive results for your travel agency business.


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