auto insurance leadsWhat Makes BrokerCalls the Best Choice to Buy Auto Insurance Leads for Agents?

One of the most important aspects of auto insurance leads is whether or not they convert into sales. The conversion rate of the cost of the leads will determine just how good your ROI will be and whether it’s a sustainable form of advertising for you.

BrokerCalls uses a pay-per-call performance-based system. Coupled with our highly motivated auto insurance inbound calls, it is one of the best forms of digital marketing for your ROI. We carefully qualify each call and sell each call exclusively. Our exclusive pay-per-call auto insurance leads driven by a performance-based model will help you as an auto insurance agent to receive motivating phone calls from people actively seeking auto insurance.

High-Quality, Vetted Auto Insurance Leads

Before each call is put through to you as an insurance agent, they will be passed through our state-of-the-art call tracking software, which matches a caller profile with a client profile. For example, if you are looking for a middle-income person with at least two cars from a particular region in the U.S., then the call tracking software will match you with your target audience. High-quality, vetted auto insurance leads produce better results for you, helping to improve your sales and, ultimately, your ROI on advertising.

Moreover, our calls are exclusive, which aids in their quality. We only sell each live transfer call once, so you will likely be the first insurance agent a potential customer will talk to. Our high-quality, qualified inbound calls can allow you to bypass the tediousness, time, and money required to create your own digital marketing campaign and instead take advantage of our mature, extensive online marketing campaigns.

Compliant Calls

You will have the opportunity to create a client profile on our call-tracking software that outlines your target audience and insurance plans. You will then receive calls based on your created profile, essentially making them compliant with your profile and target audience. Compliant inbound auto insurance calls will be put through to you at a time that best suits you. You will have complete control over how many calls you’d like to receive on any given day and can increase it at any time should you want to increase your auto insurance sales.

Track Your Auto Insurance Calls With Our Call-Tracking Software

BrokerCalls uses the state-of-the-art Ringba call-tracking software. It is a program that gives you ultimate control over your live transfer calls for auto insurance. You can keep track of all the calls you receive to make adjustments or ensure that your sales performance is where you want it to be.

One of the benefits of our call tracking software is that you’ll get valuable insight into your target audience, potential trends, and data to help you improve your sales and ROI. Data is the key to success in the modern world, and with the data, you can collect with Ringba, you’ll be able to adjust your operation to improve your sales performance.

Get exclusive auto insurance leads from our insurance lead generation service. Stop cold calling customers that aren’t interested in buying car insurance; turn to one of the best ROI through our pay-per-call exclusive insurance leads through BrokerCalls. Call us at (855) 268-3773 today or you can also connect with us through social media on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Sean d'Oliveira
Sean d'Oliveira
After graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Sean d’Oliveira began his career in journalism. After a decade in the industry, Sean transitioned into the world of digital marketing in 2017, where he honed his online marketing skills and copywriting expertise for various clients.

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