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Using Pay-Per-Call for Final Expense Leads

Final expense insurance covers end-of-life costs like funerals, burials, and other final bills. It’s a vital coverage for many seniors and their families, so the market for final expense insurance is highly competitive. Agents and agencies always look for new, high-quality lead sources to fuel their sales efforts and grow their final expense leads business.

One lead source that has proven to be excellent for final expense agents is pay-per-call. Pay-per-call lead generation leverages digital advertising, call tracking, and specialized call centers to connect insurance agents directly with consumers who have expressed interest in final expense coverage.

BrokerCalls is a leading provider of pay-per-call leads in the final expense insurance market. As a dedicated pay-per-call specialist, BrokerCalls offers several key benefits for final expense agencies looking to grow their business. We provide expertise in final expense lead business, ensuring agents who receive their leads are connected with highly motivated consumers ready to discuss coverage. 

Highly Qualified Final Expense Leads 

The pay-per-call model is built around generating warm, high-intent leads. Consumers who engage with pay-per-call advertising and agree to speak with an agent have already self-identified as interested in and ready to discuss final expense insurance. This process differs from other lead sources like direct mail or email, where consumer intent and qualification levels can be much lower.

With pay-per-call, the consumers connected to agents have typically gone through a pre-qualification process and agreed to a conversation. This process means agents spend less time on unqualified prospects and can focus their efforts on consumers ready to buy.

Rapid Lead Delivery 

One key benefit of pay-per-call for insurance agents is the speed at which leads are delivered. Unlike direct mail or email, where there can be significant delays between generating and receiving a lead, pay-per-call leads are delivered to agents in real time.

When a consumer engages with a pay-per-call ad and agrees to speak with an agent, that lead is routed to the next available agent. This process allows agents to follow up with leads when most engaged and interested rather than days or weeks later. The rapid lead delivery of pay-per-call is a significant advantage, especially in the fast-paced final expense insurance market.

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Scalable Lead Volume 

Another significant benefit of pay-per-call for final expenses is the ability to scale lead volume up or down as needed. Pay-per-call programs can quickly ramp up or down based on an agency’s capacity and sales goals.

This flexibility is crucial in the final expense space, where sales can be seasonal, and agent capacity can fluctuate. Pay-per-call allows final expense agencies to maximize their lead flow and sales productivity during peak periods while dialing things back when needed. This level of control over lead volume is difficult to achieve with other lead sources.

Cost-Effective Pricing 

Pay-per-call is a cost-effective way for final expense agencies to acquire new business compared to other lead sources. With pay-per-call, agents only pay for leads that result in an actual phone conversation, eliminating upfront costs or fees for unworked leads.

This pay-for-performance pricing model aligns the interests of the agency and the lead provider and helps ensure that final expense agents get maximum value from their marketing spend. It also allows them to scale their lead volume and sales efforts without taking on significant financial risk.

Working With BrokerCalls for Final Expense Leads

Pay-per-call is an excellent lead source for final expense insurance agencies looking to grow their business. It combines high-quality, rapidly delivered leads, scalable volume, diverse advertising channels, and cost-effective pricing, making it a compelling option.

BrokerCalls operates on a true pay-per-call model, so agencies only pay for leads that result in a phone conversation. Working with BrokerCalls allows final expense agents to scale their lead flow up or down as needed without financial risk. Final expense agencies that partner with BrokerCalls can expect a reliable pipeline of high-quality leads, flexible volume control, and a compelling return on their marketing investment. Please call BrokerCalls at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating exclusive insurance leads for your business.

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Sean d'Oliveira
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