Everything You Need to Know About Phone Leads for Life Insurance  

Purchasing quality life insurance is something that every American should be considering at some point in life. Life insurance allows people to plan for the future and leave a legacy for loved ones that survive them. While the benefits of life insurance are many, it can still be hard for agents to convert the conversation into a sale if the person on the other end of the phone is not ready to take the plunge.  

This is where the BrokerCalls team comes into play. We connect your business with customers that are eager to commit to purchasing life insurance.  

What are Life Insurance Phone Leads?  

Life insurance phone leads are consumers actively searching for life insurance online and calling in to speak to an agent to learn more and ultimately make a purchase.  BrokerCalls generates these phone leads by running a variety of marketing campaigns designed to attract people searching for life insurance to call.  Calls are answered and asked a series of questions to qualify the lead.  Once a call has been qualified to meet your standards it will be forwarded to your sales team in real-time. 

Who Should Buy Life Insurance Phone Leads?  

The answer to the question of who should buy life insurance phone leads is simple, anyone looking to grow their book of clients quickly and efficiently. Signing up to receive qualified life insurance calls from BrokerCalls means you no longer need to invest valuable time and money generating your own customers.  When you let BrokerCalls funnel high converting calls to your business, you jump into the sales funnel right at the point of conversion.  And you are only paying for marketing that has already succeeded.  

How Does the Process of Generating Life Insurance Calls Work?  

The BrokerCalls team goes to great lengths to understand the kind of customers you want.  Are you looking for customers who are specifically looking for life insurance?  Are you interested in customers who are interested in other insurance verticals as well?  Do you want to focus on customers in a particular geographic area such as an area code, zip code, city, or state?   Do you want to receive calls during specific hours and on specific days?  And how many calls would you like to receive per day?  Simply tell us these preferences and more. We do the background work for you, attracting potential new customers, filtering them based on your preferences, and then sending them directly to your business.  

When you work with BrokerCalls you will also gain access to our call tracking platform.  This makes it easy to track your calls, monitor call durations, see caller IDs, and more. 

Why Buy Life Insurance Phone Leads from BrokerCalls?  

As a leader in the industry, when you trust BrokerCalls to generate calls for you, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality phone leads that are ready to move forward with their purchase of life insurance. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of finding customers and allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business. To learn more about our process, please reach out to us today at 855.268.3773, You can also reach out on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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