Why You Should Consider a Google Skillshop Certification  

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve your pay-per-click performance. It’s important to remember that there are always steps that you can take to increase the chances of someone taking action on any given campaign you run, thereby putting money in your pocket.  

At BrokerCalls, we want to give our affiliates every resource available to help expand their efforts to reach more customers. Google Skillshop is an amazing resource to help you do just that. Taking courses and earning a Google Ads certification on Skillshop is a guaranteed way to sharpen up your PPC skills and get better results from your Google ads.  

What is Google Skillshop? 

In many ways, Google is the epicenter of the marketing world. Over and above offering an abundance of ways to market brands, Google has also developed excellent learning resources to help users get the most out of the tools available through their platform. With Google constantly adding new tools and resources to help you optimize your ad campaigns, taking advantage of Google Skillshop is an excellent way to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.   

What Certifications Can I Earn Using Google Skillshop?  

You can opt to enroll in a variety of certifications through Google Skillshop. Some examples of courses that you can take include:  

What are the Most Important Courses Available Through Google Skillshop?  

Although Google Skillshop certainly has a long list of course options, for PPC purposes, you should think about focusing on one, if not all, of the Google Ads certifications. This certification breaks down a number of important Google ad techniques. A few examples are:  

While every certification can ultimately help you learn and grow as an online marketer, consider your platform and the type of ads that you run most and would like to learn more about. This is especially true if you are unable to take these courses all at once. For example, if you are interested in how you can achieve more traffic using Google Video Ads on YouTube, you may want to first take the Google Ads Video Certification courses. Alternatively, if you see the performance of your search ads lagging, the better choice for you may be to enroll in the classes for the Google Ads Search Certification.  

Keep Your Business Up To Date On the Latest Trends with Google Skillshop 

The  BrokerCalls team is always on the lookout for the best tools affiliates can use to enhance their business and put more money in their pockets. Our goal is to help you succeed using the myriad of tools and resources that are available at little to no cost to you.  

If you are interested in learning more about our affiliate program, feel free to reach out to us at 855.268.3773. You can also reach out on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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