How To Buy Insurance Leads
How To Buy Insurance Leads

Understanding the Process of Buying Leads

Many companies selling insurance leads have come on the market in recent years.  As a result, traditional lead generation methods have become an afterthought for many insurance agents. While there can be pros and cons to paid leads, they definitely have their place and we recommend all agents incorporate paid leads into their marketing strategy.  Agents may be wondering how to buy insurance leads.

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With so many lead generating companies out there these days, finding a good one does require a bit of effort.  However, when buying insurance leads, it’s worth the upfront investment of time because a good leads-generating company equates to a reliable source of new leads and profits for your business.

The paid leads vs. lead generation argument is one that will go on forever and for good reason.  We believe the best marketing strategies incorporate both.  Like everything in business, it’s a numbers game to determine the best and most profitable options for your business.   Obviously buying insurance leads costs money, but paid leads also save a lot of time and every savvy business person knows time is your most valuable asset.

The best bet is to make a concerted effort to carefully track ROI for both paid leads and self-generated leads to determine the perfect ratio for your business. 

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Insurance Leads

When starting out with buying insurance leads, many agents make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on the price of leads.  Lead price can vary and is completely relative to an array of other variables, particularly lead quality.   Unlike lead price, lead quality is not known upfront in the buying process.  Agents will likely have to do some lead testing to determine the quality of leads from a particular company.  Ultimately this is how you’ll determine whether a lead is worth $3 or $30. 

Increase Your Odds of Receiving High-Quality Leads

To increase your odds of receiving the best quality leads, here are a few things to keep in mind:

How does the leads company get their leads?

Most companies generate leads through paid search (PPC programs like Google Ads), through their own websites from organic search results (SEO), and from affiliate partners that send traffic to the lead companies for a commission.  All of these lead sources can produce very high-quality leads when they are managed properly and tightly controlled for quality.

Lead content

It is critical to understand the data that a service provides along with a lead.  A good lead generating company will collect as much information on a lead as possible.  You want to know what types of insurance they can provide leads for and how they qualify their leads.  They should also be able to provide you with sample leads so you can see this data before you make a purchase.

Lead volume

It is also important to consider how many insurance leads a company is able to provide.  A steady source of leads is great but you should also weigh this up against the quality of leads.  A couple of great leads per month is better than hundreds of dead-end leads. 

Filter options

You want to make sure your leads company aggressively targets for your ideal audience.  A top lead company will offer pre-set filters and/or custom filter options.  Custom filters allow insurance agents to take some control over the quality of the leads they purchase.  This can increase the price per lead but most agents agree its an extra expense that’s well worth it.

Lead delivery

When and how a lead is delivered makes a big difference in how likely you are to close deals with those leads.  The best leads are delivered in near real-time. 

Buying Insurance Leads from BrokerCalls

BrokerCalls specializes in providing the highest quality insurance leads including;

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance

Our main objective is to help companies like yours grow faster and more efficiently.  We find qualified callers and live leads who are actively looking for the specific insurance products you offer.  Our services include:

  • SEO generated leads & calls
  • In-house, owned and operated landing pages
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Pay per call marketing

If you’re interested in keeping a consistent flow of superior leads coming your way, contact Broker Calls today 855.268.3773. You can also reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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