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Grow your business using search engine optimzation (SEO) to grow your business

Search engine optimization is an excellent long-term lead acquisition strategy. With SEO, you attempt to use quality content to create a reputation for your business as an industry leader and use it to attract traffic. Certainly, SEO lead generation efforts take longer to bear fruit when compared to paid methods, ones that tend to work instantly. The results of your efforts, however, continue to generate leads for you long after your SEO budget runs out. How do you apply SEO to help generate leads for your business? What follows are tips. When you’re done reading, a call to Broker Calls at 855.268.3773 can help you learn how you can expertly set up your business website for better SEO leads. 

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Audit to your website to find room for improvement 

A website audit is an assessment of your company’s website that aims to help uncover areas where your SEO is weak. You need to look for pages that have missing meta-titles, ones that lack descriptions, content that fails to target keywords and so on. The tools on SEOmator and SEOptimer can help you gain a quick idea about the areas on your website that could use improvement.

Make your site easy for mobile visitors to navigate 

Close to two out of three of all searches on Google, and nearly one in two online purchases, happen on a mobile device. In the year 2016, Google even updated its search algorithm to favor websites with responsive technology. Your website needs to display correctly on mobile devices. If it isn’t mobile-responsive, you could miss out on a great deal of potential traffic and the lead they bring. Investing in good web design should be a priority. 

Go after longtail keywords 

Usually, once you begin SEO lead generation efforts, they can take up to a year to begin generating a significant flow of SEO leads that you can pursue. It can help, however, when you target the right keywords — longtail ones. A longtail keyword is a keyword phrase containing three or more keywords. These tend to be far more specific than short, generalized keywords, and to be easier to rank for if you have content on your website based on them. Publishing content based on longtail keywords is an essential SEO strategy if you want more traffic and more leads. 

Include visual media

Many website owners, when they wish to flesh out a blog post or other content with statistics, infographics, videos or other media, often look up leading websites in the industry. They use media that they find there, and credit their sources. Including such original media on every post that you publish is an excellent way to get other people to reference your website, and give you backlinks. Backlinks make for better search engine ranking, and better SEO leads.  

Update your best existing content 

If you have content that performs well on searches and finds a spot near the top, you should consider updating it with new material at least once a year. Newly updated content tends to rank better, to generate up to 30 percent more traffic, and to attract fresh attention from searchers. 

There is a great deal more that you can do to optimize your website for better SEO lead generation. A chat with an SEO expert at Broker Calls at 855.268.3773 or reaching out through FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, can help you discover how you can set up your website to become a lead-generation engine for your business. 


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