Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay Per Call Campaign

Top Five Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting One  

Do you find yourself wondering about the benefits of starting a pay per call campaign but aren’t sure where to begin? You should consider several factors, including your target audience if you are thinking about crafting a pay per call campaign for your business. The BrokerCalls team can provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to put together a pay per call campaign that will see your bottom line grow.  

What Is a Pay Per Call Campaign?  

Before starting a pay per call campaign, it’s important to understand what this marketing technique entails. A pay per call campaign involves advertising your company through an affiliate or an advertisement using a search engine such as Bing or Google. When a potential customer sees your ad, is interested in it and clicks on it, they will go through a generalized screening to determine the level of interest. From there, you can identify the clients ready to move forward with working with your business now versus the ones that are less than enthusiastic.  

The Five Most Important Things to Know Before You Start a Pay Per Call Campaign  

While there are tremendous benefits associated with starting a pay per call campaign, you must consider certain critical details like tracking results. Doing so will ensure you’re implementing the best pay per call campaign strategy for your business to be more profitable. Here are the top five leading things that you should ponder:

Consider your goals 

This task is an important consideration since it will help make your campaign more specific. Are you interested in simply growing your client base, or would you like to focus on a specific service you offer? A good rule of thumb involves making a list of your goals, so you have a clear overview of your intentions for your campaign.  

Find your ideal audience 

Determining the clientele you would like to reach will help you fine-tune your campaign’s details. For example, is there a certain age group you are looking to reach? If so, you will want to adjust your campaign to cater to that age range.

How would you like to generate calls?  

PPC gives you the flexibility of answering a client’s interest around your schedule or in real-time. Depending on the type of consumer you’re interested in will also determine when you would handle incoming calls.  

Work with the right affiliates  

The type of affiliates you use for your PPC campaign is important. It would help if you tried to find affiliates that have a niche similar to your business to improve the likelihood that a client will show interest in your product.  

Track your results  

The only way you will know if your campaign was successful is if you monitor your results. Depending on your campaign’s length, you may want to take time each day to go through and track the calls you received to find areas of improvement. This process will give you a great baseline for developing future campaign strategies.  

Let BrokerCalls Help  

Regardless of your industry, the BrokerCalls team can help you create a pay per call campaign for your business. We work with you to learn more about your business goals to continue growing your company. Give us a call today at (855) 268-3773 to learn more. You can also reach us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.  


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