tax debt relief

With the right lead generation techniques, your tax debt relief business can pinpoint the exact consumers you’re looking for.

With Uncle Sam relentless in his pursuit of collecting unpaid taxes, every year thousands of U.S. citizens are left searching for how to negotiate tax debt relief settlements. For people looking for tax debt help, they’ll often turn to tax debt relief companies to help them navigate the IRS.

While there are numerous consumers in need of tax debt help, the overall pool of consumers and businesses that need tax settlement help is relatively small. With such fierce competition for a niche market, it can be difficult to generate debt settlement leads that produce sales conversions.

At Broker Calls, we use our services to direct qualified and needy taxpayers directly to your business to help convert sales. Whether looking for taxpayers owing less than or more than $10,000 in taxes, our screening procedures will ensure only qualified consumers will be directed to your business.

In order to help your company generate more debt settlement leads, we’ve compiled a list of our best lead generation tips in the tax debt relief industry.

Searching for Tax Debt Help

After encountering the bad news that they potentially owe the IRS a sizeable amount of money, taxpayers will eventually start to look for tax debt help. When they do, they’ll often use the internet as their main source of research.

To ensure your tax debt relief company is at the top of the internet search rankings regarding tax debt settlement services, we have numerous marketing tips to share:

  • Paid Search Marketing: Using Google Ads and plugging in vital keywords in your paid ads is a good source to ensure online traffic is directed straight to your landing pages to help convert sales. The various paid search methods include:
  • Pay Per Click: Each time an online customer is directed to your site via an online click, you are charged a fee for each online click a lead generation company brings to your website. This paid method helps generate more online traffic while enhancing search engine rankings.
  • Pay Per Call: One of the most effective paid marketing techniques involves pay per call which has live phone leads transferred to your business in real time. By dealing with live customers in need of immediate tax debt help, your chances of converting the lead are enhanced greatly. The live phone leads can also be tracked to help determine conversion rates.
  • Pay Per Lead: After landing on your website and then signing up or providing information, businesses pay for each lead that results in the consumer giving various information.
  • Content and Organic Marketing: When naturally searching for tax debt help, you want consumers to see your website first. By crafting content with relevant keywords and terms for search engines like Google can help potential customers organically find your services online. By producing high quality content through inbound marketing techniques, your company can naturally help generate tax debt leads. Forms of content and organic marketing include:
  • Blogs: Blogging is one of the most popular forms of content marketing because of its ability to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps drive more organic traffic to your site.
  • Videos: With online consumers increasing their viewership of videos more than ever before, the medium is quickly becoming a viable way for online customers to view content with one-third of online activity involving video content.
  • Infographics: By using infographics to educate customers and provide useful statistics on your products and services, potential consumers can be better informed on how a product works and its value.

Only Settle for Quality Debt Settlement Leads

Broker Calls has a vast network of tax debt settlement leads to help send tax debt companies inbound calls and leads with consumers specifically needing debt relief companies to help them get out of the tax burden with tax debt relief help.

Don’t settle for just any debt settlement lead and start partnering with Broker Calls to ensure you’re provided with prescreened and real-time leads to help you capitalize on the consumers’ current need of tax debt help.


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