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Building Lasting Business Connections at LinkUnite

BrokerCalls Vice President of Operations Stacey Makin was proud to attend LinkUnite’s fourth Women’s Event. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville, Tennessee, the highly anticipated networking event at the stylish Noelle Hotel featured a comprehensive agenda crafted to address women’s most pressing needs and interests in the business world.

LinkUnite IV’s three-day program aimed to be informative and interactive. Attendees enjoyed a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions. The event primarily focused on compliance, business growth and strategy, artificial intelligence, self-advocacy, and critical thinking.

“This event was truly transformative,” Makin said. “It’s a smaller women-only conference, but the impact it had on me, both professionally and personally, was significant. The planning of all the events and speakers was evident, and I left with a wealth of knowledge and a network of new connections.”

Networking Opportunities at LinkUnite

LinkUnite IV went beyond the formal educational sessions to provide numerous opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded marketing professionals. The event’s structured networking events and casual meetups allowed participants to build valuable relationships that extended beyond the conference, giving women an invaluable chance to expand business relationships for future collaborations. By offering a space where women can share experiences, gain support, and celebrate each other’s successes, LinkUnite provides the ultimate platform for learning and growing business skills.

LinkUnite Conference, LinkUnite Business Conference,

Adapting to a New Business Environment

As the business world evolves, events like LinkUnite IV are crucial in equipping women with the tools and connections they need to thrive. The organizers’ commitment to addressing timely topics such as AI and compliance demonstrates their understanding of the challenges facing today’s female business leaders. Each event was tailored to the needs of its attendees, ensuring a relevant and impactful experience for all attendees.

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Ready to expand your business?

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While no official plans for the next LinkUnite conference have been announced, they will be hosting a L.I.N.K. Educational Series 3.0 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on July 28 at Affiliate Summit East in New York City on the fourth floor of Odets Room. With BrokerCalls heavily involved in the affiliate marketing industry, working with publishers and buyers to curate pay-per-call leads, we will have a strong presence at Affiliate Summit East. Please feel free to reach out to us directly to see how affiliates can partner with us to enhance their lead-generation process.

As a reputable lead generation company, we strive to build connections, generate leads, and make a mark in pay-per-call marketing. Please call BrokerCalls™ at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating affiliate marketing leads for your business.

Sean d'Oliveira
Sean d'Oliveira
After graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Sean d’Oliveira began his career in journalism. After a decade in the industry, Sean transitioned into the world of digital marketing in 2017, where he honed his online marketing skills and copywriting expertise for various clients.

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