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Obtaining high-quality debt relief leads can be achieved with effective marketing techniques.

With Americans struggling to pay back more than $4 trillion of consumer debt, there is no shortage of consumers searching for debt relief help. However, the competition to obtain leads in the debt relief industry is extremely competitive with consumers having numerous choices among debt settlement companies.

Learning how to separate your business from other debt settlement companies takes innovative marketing techniques driven to produce relevant leads for your business. To help your business generate more debt
solution leads, we’ve compiled our top market strategies that will help deliver high quality and real-time leads you’re searching for.

Finding Effective Leads for Debt Settlement Companies

While there are near endless amounts of marketing techniques for debt settlement companies to utilize, finding the right marketing strategies to implement can help bring in effective leads that generate positive results.

The most effective lead generation strategies for debt settlement companies include:

  • Buying leads: One of the more popular trends for debt settlement companies has become to buy leads from lead providers. With consumers in constant need of financial and debt relief, buying direct leads allows debt settlement companies to focus their efforts on converting customers rather than spending time and resources on customer generation. Working with lead generation companies and networks can ensure leads sent to your business are the specific lead your business needs. Pay-Per-Call marketing has proven to be an effective lead generator because of its ability to screen calls for the particular debt relief market, as well as reach customers in real-time to help capitalize on the timeliness of the customer’s need.
  • SEO: In addition to phone leads, learning how to generate credit repair leads and other debt settlement leads is one of the more effective marketing techniques for debt relief companies. Search engine optimization involves posting quality content to your website via landing pages and blogs with relevant keywords in the debt relief industry. As more consumers turn to online searches to find the best debt solution services, optimizing your site for search-engine purposes can help bring quality leads to your debt relief business.

Types of Debt-Related Leads

When looking for debt solution leads, it’s important to pinpoint the exact type of debt relief lead your company specializes in.

Setting parameters on the screening process for your leads ensures all leads directed to your business are pre-quailed and targeted for the exact type of customer you’re seeking.

The type of debt solution leads includes:

Debt settlement: When in need of debt relief, the amount and type of debt consumers carry can vary drastically. Screening your debt relief leads to ensure each lead meets the criteria you set can help reach targeted and qualified leads that generate sales.
Debt Consolidation: With so much debt encompassing consumers, many are often looking for ways to consolidate their debt into one or fewer monthly payments. Whether looking for a loan to pay off high-interest accounts or consolidating numerous debts into one payment, supplying your debt relief company with consumers especially looking for debt consolidation services helps supply the type of the leads your business can rely on.
Credit Repair: Connecting with customers in need of credit repair and counseling is essential to finding quality credit repair leads that generate sales. More and more businesses are searching for credit repair leads every year and making sure the exact leads are directed to your business helps identify the best converting credit repair leads.
Bankruptcy Issues: With close to a million people filing for bankruptcy annually, there is fierce competition to land these qualified leads. To produce specific leads for bankruptcy services, it’s vital to screen and capture the leads in real-time to deliver the best results.

With such a variety on the type of debt relief leads that your business may need, it’s imperative your company only works with the leads specifically in need of your services. This is where working with BrokerCalls has proven to be an effective way to generate verified and select leads for your debt relief business.

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