A New Solution in Mortgage Lead Generation
A New Solution in Mortgage Lead Generation


How BrokerCalls Can Help You Improve Your Mortgage Lead Generation

While it’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled certain industries, right now the real estate market is booming. With low interest rates and competitive housing prices, there is no better time to ramp up your efforts in reaching out to clients that are interested in locking in a mortgage.

What is Our Process to Create Mortgage Lead Generation? 

One of the leading goals of the BrokerCalls team is to supply you with a mortgage lead generation plan that is ready to move forward now. Our team works to take the guesswork out finding successful mortgage leads. We pre-qualify every mortgage lead that we provide to you according to your mortgage focus. Our team can help you find customers that are interested in the following types of mortgages:  

  • Military mortgages also known as VA loans  
  • Reverse mortgages  
  • FHA mortgages  
  • Refinancing an existing mortgage  
  • Mortgages that have an adjustable rate  

We will go into detail with each prospective client to ensure that they meet your standards including verifying that he or she has a credit score that would not hinder them from obtaining a mortgage. If you have other specifications, just let us know so that we can provide you with the most suitable matches.  

What You Can Do to Generate More Mortgage Leads  

Of course, there are always certain steps that you can take that will help you to generate quality mortgage leads on a regular basis. One of the easiest things that you can do to expand your lead base is to take advantage of social media. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram provide you with a way to communicate with a potential customer as they are scrolling through their feed. It’s important that you use eye catching photos or videos that will motivate a prospective client reach out to you.  

E-mail is another top way that will help you stay in touch with potential clients. For instance, unless he or she receives an e-mail from you, the client may not know about the fact that right now is the best time to buy a home. By designing an engaging newsletter that you send out regularly, you improve your chances of a client reaching back out to you for more information.  

You should always work to keep your website updated with recent and relevant details associated with the latest in mortgage news. Posting interesting blogs as well as customer reviews will show visitors that you are an authority in the industry.  

Let BrokerCalls Help You with Mortgage Lead Generation 

The BrokerCalls team strives to streamline the mortgage lead generation process to make it more profitable for you. We can assist you in developing a plan for pay per call mortgage leads which allows you to spend more time growing your business and less time trying to find your next client. When you are ready to learn more about the BrokerCall process, please reach out to us today at 855.268.3773 You can also reach out on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.



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