mortgage leads for sale from BrokerCalls
mortgage leads for sale from BrokerCalls

How Do I Get Commercial Mortgage Leads?

When it comes to generating leads, mortgage professionals have more than one option for how to proceed.  They can invest time and money into cultivating their own leads gradually over time, or they can instantly bypass multiple complicated steps by purchasing qualified mortgage leads from a lead generation company like BrokerCalls.  When you buy mortgage leads from BrokerCalls you will almost instantly begin speaking directly with customers looking for the exact mortgage products and services you offer. 

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Buying Mortgage Leads from BrokerCalls

BrokerCalls is a leads generating company that finds qualified callers and live leads actively looking for mortgage loan professionals.  Mortgage specialists who purchase leads from us are looking for consumers in search of commercial mortgages, competitive refinancing, home buying, cash out, home equity loans, bad credit lender solutions, and more.

Americans want and need access to cash and our refinancing leads are a great first step for homeowners and commercial property owners to find a lender to help them finance cash in a mortgage.  Applicants are submitting loan requests for refinancing, home equity, debt consolidation and home financing online at record levels. Find out why our mortgage leads perform so well compared to other lead generating companies.

How It Works

BrokerCalls helps loan officers, bankers, brokers, lenders, and credit unions easily connect with consumers requesting help from mortgage professionals.  BrokerCalls owns & operates its own high performing SEO & Pay Per Call marketing services, which generate calls. We also function as a leads broker buying and selling between lead providers and customers.  We offer 2 types of real-time calls. 

Caller-Initiated Inbound Calls

For inbound calls, the caller is actively seeking mortgage services. We are able to drive interested mortgage clients straight to your business or firm while they are shopping for mortgage services online.

Pre-qualified Warm Transfers

For pre-qualified warm transfers, advertisers drive callers looking for services like competitive refinancing, home buying, cash out, home equity, and bad credit lending solutions to agents that will ask a series of questions. Once the caller is pre-qualified, they are transferred directly to your office.

Quality of Leads

We find qualified callers and live leads who are actively looking for the mortgage services you offer.  We know you don’t want stale leads that are overused or low quality.  We work hard to make sure the mortgage leads we provide stay fresh and that they are interested in the exact mortgage services you offer.

BrokerCalls only partners with the very best lead providers that consistently give top quality results. We use B2C mortgage lead generation tools to monitor mortgage lead quality to ensure they meet our standards in terms of target market, call content, call duration, and more. This keeps superior leads consistently flowing your way.

Benefits of Buying Mortgage Leads

Mortgage professionals may wonder why they should buy leads when they could potentially generate them on their own?   The answer is simple: buying leads saves you time and money.

Get Leads Immediately

When you buy mortgage leads from BrokerCalls you begin receiving leads as soon as you sign up. Generating your own leads is important too, but it takes time.  SEO is a slow organic process, paid search campaigns such as Google Ads can quickly get you to the top of search engine results pages, but you still face the challenges of competing with other companies for the same keywords, creating a landing page that actually converts, and hoping that the contact actually calls. Buying mortgage leads bypasses multiple significant steps of paid campaigns and gets you straight onto the phone with potential new clients.

Easy to Measure ROI

Calculating return on investment from purchasing leads is extremely easy.  SEO, on the other hand, may be on the opposite end of the spectrum as the most difficult. When you purchase mortgage leads from BrokerCalls, your ROI calculations will be as simple as it gets:  revenue generated from the leads divided by the cost of the leads. 

If you’re interested in finding out how such a service can work for your business, you should contact Broker Calls at 855.268.3773 to talk to a lead generation expert about the process, or reach out on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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