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Generating Quality U65 Health Insurance Leads With Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

Pay-per-call lead generation can be an incredibly effective strategy if you’re an insurance agent or agency looking to grow your business in the Under 65 (U65) health insurance market. With pay-per-call campaigns, you only pay for the leads that result in an actual phone call from a prospective client. This performance-based model helps ensure you get quality leads from people actively interested in your services. However, executing a successful pay-per-call campaign for U65 insurance takes some planning and know-how. Below are some tips for making the most of this lead-generation tactic for insurance agents.

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BrokerCalls offers highly qualified inbound calls and phone leads.
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Identify Your Target Audience 

The first step is clearly defining your ideal U65 prospect. Are you targeting self-employed individuals, gig economy workers, or young families without employer-sponsored coverage? Understanding who you want to reach will allow you to build campaigns with messages and creative elements that resonate.

Craft an Enticing Offer 

To get people to call, you need an enticing offer. You could promote a free quote comparison of plans and rates from significant providers or offer a complimentary policy review for those already covered. The key is giving people a specific, valuable reason to pick up the phone.

Optimize Your Keywords and Creative 

In a pay-per-call campaign for insurance agents, your keywords, ad copy, and creative elements like images and videos need to be highly targeted and optimized. Really consider the pains, problems, and search intent of your ideal U65 prospect. Continuously test different ad variations to see what drives the most qualified call volume.

Implement Effective Call Handling 

Once the calls start coming in, you need a system to handle them properly. This could mean having a team of licensed agents ready to field incoming calls during peak times or using an automated call routing system to capture lead information and schedule appointments. The last thing you want is for an excellent lead to slip through the cracks.

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Score and Qualify Leads 

Only some calls will be a red-hot lead ready to purchase a policy immediately. Have a process for scoring and qualifying leads based on criteria like age, income level, health status, and buyer intent. That way, you can prioritize the most promising opportunities while continuing to nurture colder leads.

Use Call Recordings and Data 

One of the great advantages of a pay-per-call campaign is that you can listen to call recordings to evaluate your team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. You also get access to a wealth of data about call durations, lead sources, geographic locations, and more to refine your approach continually.

Be Prepared to Scale 

If your pay-per-call efforts successfully drive a steady stream of U65 leads, you need to be ready to scale operations accordingly. This may mean bringing on additional staff, expanding your technology infrastructure, and increasing your media spending to capitalize on the momentum.

Stay Compliant 

The insurance industry is highly regulated, so compliance needs to be top-of-mind for any U65 lead generation campaign. Ensure you have the proper licenses, follow all guidelines around advertising and solicitation, and implement robust data privacy and security protocols.

While an investment is required, pay-per-call can be an excellent way for insurance agents and agencies to generate exclusive U65 efficient leads. By optimizing your campaigns and having the right systems in place, you can fill your pipeline with prospects actively interested in your health insurance products and services.

Generate U65 Health Insurance Leads With BrokerCalls

Working with a reputable pay-per-call partner like BrokerCalls can enhance your U65 health insurance lead generation efforts. BrokerCalls specializes in the insurance vertical and has extensive experience driving high-quality, exclusive phone leads for agents selling products like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Affordable Care Act plans. 

We handle every aspect of the pay-per-call process, from building optimized landing pages and ad campaigns to skilled call handling and lead transferring. BrokerCalls invests heavily in compliance, so you can be confident your campaigns follow all rules and regulations. With real-time reporting and access to call recordings, you gain invaluable insights to improve your strategy continuously with our flexible, pay-per-call pricing. Please call BrokerCalls at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating health insurance leads for your business.

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