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[FORT LAUDERDALE, FL] —  [10/12/2023] —  As open enrollment season for health insurance approaches, BrokerCalls is proud to announce the availability of health insurance pay-per-call leads for insurance agencies in the U.S. As a pay-per-call provider of high-quality, exclusive pay-per-call leads for insurance professionals, BrokerCalls generates high-quality inbound calls from potential insurance customers with its owner-operated websites and paid media strategy. BrokerCalls’ premium health insurance pay-per-call leads can produce a strong return on investment, ensuring favorable conversion rates.

With open enrollment season beginning October 15 and continuing through December 7, this period of time represents a unique opportunity for individuals and families to select or change their health insurance plans. This is the time when insurance agents and professionals are in high demand, and having access to a steady stream of quality incoming calls remains crucial for the success of insurance companies. BrokerCalls recognizes this need and is prepared to offer quality health insurance inbound calls for insurance agencies. BrokerCalls provides an extensive range of health insurance calls tailored to meet the specific needs of insurance companies. These health insurance pay-per-call leads are catered to insurance companies that deal with patients seeking health insurance coverage and are genuinely interested in making an informed decision during open enrollment.

“Our mission is to provide insurance agencies with the highest-quality inbound calls that will lead to meaningful connections and, ultimately, increased sales,” said Peter Brooke, CEO of BrokerCalls. “We understand that open enrollment season can be a chaotic time for the industry, and we aim to alleviate that stress by providing companies with pre-qualified, responsive health insurance pay-per-call leads.”

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BrokerCalls provides pay-per-call leads generated in real-time, giving agencies an advantage in reaching potential clients before their competitors. Insurance companies can select pay-per-call inbound leads based on specific criteria such as location, age, income, and more, ensuring the callers match their target demographic. The people behind these pay-per-call leads actively seek health insurance and are eager to connect with insurance companies to make informed decisions.

BrokerCalls’ health insurance pay-per-call leads have a proven track record of higher conversion rates, helping companies maximize their ROI during open enrollment. BrokerCalls offers competitive pricing plans that cater to various budgets while meeting the needs of companies, from small agencies to large firms. Health insurance pay-per-call leads generally produce higher payouts than cost-per-lead offers, making them more lucrative for affiliates and marketers.

During open enrollment, individuals and families navigate complex health coverage decisions. BrokerCalls’ health insurance pay-per-call leads allow insurance agencies to engage with these potential clients more effectively, helping them understand their options and find the right insurance solutions for their unique circumstances. 

Acquiring pay-per-call leads for insurance through BrokerCalls is straightforward. Insurance companies can contact BrokerCalls through its website and provide the criteria for inbound calls, such as location and demographics. They then purchase the health insurance pay-per-call leads and connect with potential clients immediately.

In addition to offering pay-per-call services for businesses, BrokerCalls remains committed to providing outstanding customer support. This commitment ensures insurance agencies have the guidance and assistance they need throughout the open enrollment season. Insurance companies can trust BrokerCalls to be their reliable partner in securing high-quality health insurance pay-per-call leads. By streamlining the pay-per-call process and ensuring health insurance agencies have access to responsive, interested prospective customers, BrokerCalls aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of insurance professionals during this pivotal time of year. Those interested can contact BrokerCalls by calling 855-268-3773 or visiting today.

Sean d'Oliveira
Sean d'Oliveira
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