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Using Pay-Per-Call to Generate Social Security Disability Leads for Your Business

For businesses that provide services related to social security disability claims, finding and connecting with potential clients can be a significant challenge. Many people who could benefit from disability assistance don’t even know where to begin looking for help. This challenge is where pay-per-call advertising for social security disability leads for attorneys can make a real difference. By setting up a pay-per-call campaign for SSDI leads, you can reach people searching online for disability information and provide them with an easy way to get their questions answered by your business. Please keep reading to explore how any business can use pay-per-call to generate more Social Security disability leads.

What Is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay-per-call advertising connects customers directly to a business by phone when they click on an ad. The company only pays when inbound calls connect, making it a cost-effective way to acquire leads. Pay-per-call networks match advertisers with callers in real time based on targeting criteria. For disability services businesses or attorneys, you can target ads to people searching for terms related to social security disability claims. When searchers click your ad, they are connected directly to your business phone number through the network. This process provides an instant, effortless way for prospects to contact and inquire about your services.

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Benefits of Using Pay-Per-Call

There are many advantages to using pay-per-call advertising for businesses that deal with social security disability. The benefits include:

  • Increased visibility – Your business appears prominently in search results when people look for disability-related terms. This process raises awareness of your services.
  • Qualified leads – Callers have identified themselves as interested in disability services by the keywords they searched for. You don’t have to weed out unqualified leads.
  • Higher conversion rates – Warm call transfers are more likely to convert to customers than cold calls. The lead has already expressed an intent to contact a business like yours.
  • Call tracking – Pay-per-call networks provide transparency into call volume, duration, geographic location, and other metrics to optimize your campaign.
  • Flexible budget – You only pay for inbound calls that connect to your business. There’s no wasted ad spend on clicks or impressions.

How to Get Started With Pay-Per-Call 

Setting up a pay-per-call campaign for insurance companies and lawyers is relatively simple. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Determine the ideal customer profile for your business. What disability-related search terms would they use? Compile keywords around applying for disability, social security benefits, unable to work, disability lawyers, etc.
  2. Create relevant ad copy for each keyword and ad group. Include a clear call to action like “Speak with a disability expert now.”
  3. Choose a pay-per-call network like BrokerCalls to run your ads. Most networks allow you to target by geography, time of day, device, and more.
  4. Set a day-parting schedule for calls and a maximum budget per call. Monitor performance and optimize accordingly.
  5. Train staff on tracking lead quality, conversion, and other metrics so you can refine both the sales process and your pay-per-call campaign.
  6. Integrate your CRM, lead intake forms, and call analytics to create a seamless prospect experience.

Boost Your Business With Pay-Per-Call Advertising Through BrokerCalls

Pay-per-call advertising is a proven way for businesses to connect with motivated customers efficiently. For disability service providers struggling to attract clients, pay-per-call campaigns let you Put your business front and center when people need disability assistance. By targeting high-intent keywords and optimizing for call quality, any business can generate qualified Social Security disability leads at scale. Pay-per-call removes friction from the prospect’s journey while delivering ROI through lower customer acquisition costs. If finding and engaging more disability clients is a priority for your business, pay-per-call advertising is a strategy worth exploring.

Partnering with BrokerCalls is an excellent way for businesses to set up and optimize pay-per-call advertising quickly. As one of the leading pay-per-call networks, BrokerCalls makes creating targeted call-only ads that align with your business goals easy. Whether you are new to pay-per-call or want to scale existing efforts, BrokerCalls has the expertise and technology to help your business generate more qualified leads through pay-per-call advertising. Our hands-on support makes it simple to launch effective campaigns that deliver ROI. Please get in touch with our pay-per-call company today at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating quality SSDI leads for your business.

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