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Are you considering becoming a BrokerCalls affiliate? You may find yourself wondering what is the highest pay per call vertical. As a trusted name in the industry, BrokerCalls commits itself to providing our affiliates with every opportunity to make the most money. Below are our top paying verticals for affiliates.  

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Insurance coverage is essential for nearly every American. Since there are so many different variations of insurance policies covering different groups of people, it is understandable that this would be a top paying vertical. Examples of insurance verticals BrokerCalls buys and sells leads for include:  

  • Health insurance  
  • Medicare insurance  
  • Life insurance  
  • Auto insurance  

One of the main reasons why this vertical is so popular is the fact that nearly every form of insurance can personally affect a family. For example, parents are generally always concerned that their entire family is adequately covered with comprehensive health insurance as well as top of the line auto insurance to ensure that if anything were to happen to the family car, their expenses would be cover.  


Sadly, there is an abundance of people that find themselves in financial trouble. Conversely, there are many people who are interested in learning more about the best investment or retirement moves which makes it no surprise that one of the high paying verticals revolves around the financial industry. This vertical is typically broken into a variety of categories including:  

  • 401k information
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit card debt  
  • Credit repair  
  • Financial broker dealer  
  • Financial planning  
  • Merchant cash advance  
  • Mortgages  
  • Student loan consolidation
  • Tax Debt


The legal industry has grown to become a prominent vertical. One of the most popular legal verticals is personal injury. Unfortunately, there are people that are physically or emotionally harmed throughout the country on any given day. People who have experienced any type of injury as a result of an incident that was not their fault may be interested in suing the person or entity at fault for monetary damages.  

Another popular legal vertical is mass tort. A mass tort action is filed when a large number of people sue a single entity because they have also suffered from harm or a similar injury. Instead of having multiple plaintiffs, a court action is filed by one party representing multiple people against one defendant. The multiple plaintiffs in a case demonstrates how the malfeasance of the defendant has affected multiple lives.  

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