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BrokerCalls gives you access to specific retirement phone leads in the lucrative senior market. The prospects we provide are interested in improving their retirement through income generation and securing their assets.

Matching Needs

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A life of hard work inevitably leads to a time when retirement plans become the prevailing financial concern. Investment managing, estate planning, long-term care, rollover solutions, and annuities are just some of the needs that retiree callers have. Their interest often comes from not being happy with their current financial advisor or strategy and are looking to improve their long-term disposition.

Through our retirement plan phone leads, you can gain access to callers that are interested in the financial management and investment services aimed at retirees that you offer. Your representatives will be connected with prospects ready to talk about the various investment options you offer.

Focus Your Business Efforts

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With the receptive calls that BrokerCalls provides, your company representatives can focus on sales instead of drumming up interest. There is less wasted time spent on trying to convince an unwilling or uncertain prospect, and more time dedicated to assisting clients with their retirement needs.

We also provide real-time retiree calls. Clients call looking for information and retirement services, and they are then put directly through to your company, allowing you to strike while the iron is hot.

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