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pay per call campaignPromote Your Pay Per Call Campaign

Are you looking for other unique ways to promote your business? Since many people in today’s day and age look for a personalized way to find the goods or services they need, many business owners are capitalizing on a pay-per-call campaign strategy. A pay-per-call campaign entails connecting you, the business owner, with inbound calls from clients actively looking for the type of service you provide.

1. E-mail Blasts

E-mail blasts are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market your brand. If you have kept a running list of e-mails addresses for past clients, sending out an e-mail blast as part of your pay-per-call campaign is an excellent way to remind those clients that they may need your service again. You will want to remember several things when it comes to putting together a great e-mail blast. First, you will want to create a catchy subject line that draws a potential client’s attention so they don’t instantly move your e-mail to their trash or simply unsubscribe. Also, you want to make sure that your e-mail is informative but to the point. After all, no one ever seems to have the time to read a long e-mail.

2. Google Ads

There are plenty of tools that Google offers that business owners can tap into to promote their business. If your budget allows for it, Google Ads are an excellent way to get your business in front of your target audience. Like other ads, your ad must be to the point and effect, which you should always be conscious of.

3. Banner Ads

Have you ever scrolled through a site and stopped in your tracks after seeing a specific banner on the site? This banner is commonly referred to as a banner ad, and it’s an excellent way to promote your pay-per-call campaign. Banner ads are typically targeted at a customer on a mobile device. Frequently, a person may use their phone to find the service that they need on the spot. A phone is a much more efficient way to find something that you may find if you aren’t close to a computer. Instead of a person needing to go home and sit in front of their computer, with a well-placed banner and with a strategic ad, a person could be in touch with you fairly quickly.

4. Landing Pages

When developing a pay-per-call campaign, it’s critical not to overlook the role of a high-quality landing page on your overall strategy. You should continually build landing pages as part of your PPC campaign because that will help you to be able to track conversions which can help you to understand more about what is attracting potential clients.

Specific details should always be part of your landing page. For instance, you will want to ensure that any forms you create for your landing page are working correctly and routed to a dedicated “thank you” page. You should also always include high-quality content explaining the service or product you’re looking to promote and add appealing pictures that will attract a potential client. Your landing page (or pages) are also something that you should periodically review to confirm whether or not the initial approach that you’ve taken is still working.

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