What is lead generation marketing? | BrokerCalls.com
What is lead generation marketing? | BrokerCalls.com

Four out of five marketing experts believe that lead generation marketing is among the most important of the tools available to them.

Beyond that, would you believe that fewer than one in two marketers have an actionable plan in place to take advantage of lead generation marketing? Let’s discuss what lead generation marketing is and the science behind it.

What is lead generation marketing?

A lead, in marketing, is a term used to refer to intelligence or information that a business receives about the existence, among its target audience, of a new potential customer. The act of getting a lead to take an active step into your sales cycle is known as lead capturing. Marketing departments and agencies use different strategies to encourage people to take such steps.

Your business needs to expand its base of potential customers in order and to gain their attention and grow. Lead generation marketing is an important way to make this happen. When your marketing department is able to efficiently generate new leads, your sales department can pursue them and convert them into paying customers. Both parts of your company work together to help drive revenue growth. What are the best lead generation techniques though? There are many different ways listed below.

How do you capture a lead?

Most people don’t gain exposure to businesses through traditional advertising media such as print and television, anymore. Instead, they learn about businesses and their products through websites, email, and social media. Not only can you gain the attention of potential customers through outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, but you can also use delivery options such as Shopify for your local business, as well. Lead capture can be performed in a number of ways. Learn about the different ways to develop a lead generation plan for your business below.

Website forms:

You can get visitors to your website to offer you their email address when you sufficiently impress them with your product information. Another value that you can provide visitors is content such as free e-books, newsletters or videos, in exchange for their email addresses. You can place forms on every page on your website to capture visitor information in this way.

Use Google ads:

It’s possible to use Google’s pay-per-click advertising to have advertisements for your business show when users search for relevant topics. You can book pay-per-click advertising on Google to have advertising for your products display when people in your delivery area search for such products. While your advertising displays in front of potential customers with every search, you only pay when people are sufficiently interested in the advertising to click on it. Each interested person who clicks on your advertising is a potential lead that you acquire.

Use direct emailing:

When you have a specific neighborhood or zip code to target, or perhaps need to target people who belong to a particular profession or pursue a specific activity, you can buy an email list of such people, and directly reach them with marketing emails to see if you can find interested customers. Including promotional codes in your emails can help draw customer interest.

Work social media for leads:

Millions spend hours on social media each day. It isn’t their families and their friends alone that they are interested in. They tend to devote substantial time to sharing their feelings about different businesses and products, as well. When people post about your product, it can be an opportunity to reach out and engage them. You can reach potential customers in this way. It’s also possible to gain leads by running contests and giveaways on social media. You might, for instance, announce a contest to have people submit the best picture that they on a theme, and give away free products to the winners. Such contests can attract the attention of lots of new leads.

What does it cost to generate leads?

Lead generation strategies don’t need to be expensive. Pay-per-click ads can run for pennies a lead, depending on your industry, and the keywords that you target. It’s possible to commission high-quality content for your website or blog, as well. You could attract plenty of attention with such content, and it would often cost no more than $5 a lead. When you apply expert, well-targeted lead generation strategies, the efficiency of your efforts usually results in low lead acquisition costs.

A great deal about how you find success with lead generation depends on your ability to provide your audience with a high-quality experience, whether you sign them on for newsletters, blog content, contests or giveaways. When you approach online lead generation marketing with the sincere aim of helping your audience gain something valuable from the experience, you’ll find that it isn’t that hard to win.

Find out more about lead generation marketing

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