Tips to Help You With Better Debt Relief Lead Generation
Tips to Help You With Better Debt Relief Lead Generation

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The debt relief industry has been around for a very long time. Yet, with personal debt, credit card debt, tax debt and student debt reaching all-time highs (some estimates put the number at a collective at $4 trillion), the industry is also a rapidly growing one. With many families unable to service their debt, debt relief companies find themselves in a position where they can be of help. How do you make sure that your debt relief business can find those who need debt relief assistance, however?

Search Engine Optimization

People make millions of searches related to debt relief each month. Search engine optimization can help you bring many of these searches to your website. One way to take advantage of SEO is to optimize your website for keyword phrases related to debt relief.

While you may find it hard to get your website to rank at the top for the keyword phrase debt relief, related longtail keyword phrases such as ‘debt relief pros and cons’ and “is debt relief right for me’ are likely to be easy to rank for and to bring valuable traffic to your website. All you need to do is to make sure that you have high-quality content on your website, based on these longtail keyword phrases.

Good Web Design

Studies reveal that one in two people judge businesses on the quality of their web design. Nine out of ten people mistrust websites whose web design isn’t up-to-date or professional. Two out of three people would rather read content on an attractively designed webpage than one with plain design. One out of three people will stop engaging with a website if they find the design unappealing.

These numbers show that debt relief lead generation can fundamentally depend on quality website design. When people who need debt relief services arrive on your website, they need to see professional-quality designs before they will actually contact you and leave their email address or phone number with you. High-quality website design improves lead generation ability.

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E-mail Marketing

These statistics help explain why email marketing is important to debt relief lead generation:

•   People tend to be twice as likely to sign up to an email list as they are to interact with a business on Facebook.

•   Four out of five marketers believe that email marketing is an efficient way to acquire clients.

•   Investments in email marketing are likely to come with a 3,800 percent return, on average.

Just as with website design, email marketing tends to work well-generating leads when you have quality content to offer. People who struggle with debt like to come by useful information to do with escaping debt and managing money in smart ways. When you have a high-quality newsletter that you send out by email, you can expect people to sign up.

Public Relations

According to the Content Marketing Institute, two out of three consumers prefer to learn about businesses through third-party articles, rather than through advertising by those businesses. Public relations isn’t simply about putting out PR releases. Rather, it involves working with well-respected third-party companies to have your good work in debt relief verified. When trusted businesses and journalists quote your business, refer to it, or discuss it in the course of their work, it lends credibility to your business. This can translate to better leads.

Reputation Management

A great reputation online helps you draw in more leads. If your debt relief business has excellent reviews on Google and on other consumer websites, it can result in a powerful boost to your ability to generate leads. Nine out of ten consumers check companies out on the Internet before they decide to deal with them. Eight out of ten consumers place as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations from friends and family.

Lead generation efforts aimed at helping your business build a great reputation online can pay off very well.

Generating More Debt Relief Leads

Generating leads takes a long-term commitment to the business. When you invest effort in educating consumers, informing them, and helping them deal with their debt in better, financially responsible ways, you can establish yourself as a force for financial good, and earn better leads.

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