final expenses insurance

final expenses insurance

How BrokerCalls Can Help Connect You with the Right Clients

Life entails many challenges, and in 2020, the unpredictability of it increased dramatically. The COVID-19 pandemic put many people in a position where they recognize the need to plan for the future and ensure their loved ones are cared for financially when they are gone. As a result, investing in final expenses insurance and life insurance policies has become the top priority for people looking to protect their families.

As the need for final expenses insurance and life insurance policies increases, so does the competition for businesses looking to provide the services. At BrokerCalls, we specialize in connecting our clients with consumers interested in their life insurance services

Selling Final Expense Insurance  

Sadly, many people are unaware of the tremendous cost associated with final expenses. Each year, these expenses only seem to go up, which is likely a trend that will not end any time soon. When a person passes away without final expense insurance, it will fall to the family to cover these costs.  

By investing in final expense insurance, a client can help to offset these expenses. An excellent selling point when it comes to selling this type of insurance is the fact that it can help to pay for:  

  • Lingering medical bills  
  • Funeral expenses  
  • Burial expenses  

Life Insurance Plans for 2021  

Life insurance policies usually fall into three different yet unique categories. When you are ready to start pulling in leads for final expenses insurance or life insurance policies, you must clearly understand the difference between each one so you can accurately explain this to your potential clients. Here is a general overview:  

Term life insurance  

Clients interested in a term life insurance policy will make a payment at a fixed rate for a set period. When that time passes, they have the option to either continue the policy or let it lapse. If a client decides to continue with the policy, there is a high chance the premium rate may increase. There is no cash value associated with this type of policy.  

Whole life insurance  

Provided that premium payments are made on time, this type of policy can remain in force during the insured’s lifetime. Unlike term life insurance, there is a cash value to this type of policy, which means the insured can borrow against it during their lifetime if needed.  

Final expenses insurance  

These policies are uniquely designed to cover the cost of bills, including funeral and medical invoices left behind when a person passes away. Without this type of insurance, the family may be left covering these expenses.  

Keep in mind, there is also the possibility a client may own a life insurance policy they no longer want to keep and are interested in selling. Our team can help you gather the information associated with this type of policy to make the best offer.  

How BrokerCalls Will Help You Connect with the Right Clients

BrokerCalls can help to set you up with clients interested in purchasing life insurance policies now. We work with you to craft a screening process so you can focus on speaking with clients that are genuinely interested in final expense insurance.  

The BrokerCalls team is here to provide you with access to clients interested in finalizing a life insurance policy today. We give you the flexibility to answer these inquiries in real-time or around your busy schedule. When you are ready to learn more, give us a call at (855) 268-3773 to learn more. You can also reach us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.  


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