Buying Credit Repair Leads from BrokerCalls
Buying Credit Repair Leads from BrokerCalls

What Are Credit Repair Leads?

Credit Repair leads are consumers who are actively searching for the credit repair services that your company offers.  Credit Repair companies can generate their own leads or they can buy pre-qualified leads from a company like BrokerCalls.  

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At BrokerCalls we generate quality credit repair leads in a number of ways. 

  1. We build highly optimized websites that rank organically on search results pages for top-performing keywords.
  2. We run Paid Search Campaigns on search engines and social media that are highly targeted to specific audiences to ensure a high conversion rate for our ads. 
  3. We also work with reputable lead providers, known as affiliates, to vet leads that will work best for you.

These are the exact same efforts that any successful company would have to undertake in order to generate their own leads.  BrokerCalls’ in house marketing experts know exactly how to attract the right credit repair leads and get them to call.  When you sign up to buy leads from BrokerCalls, these calls will be filtered for your preferences and then transferred directly to your company in real-time. 

Who Should Buy Credit Repair Leads?

Credit repair leads are often purchased by credit repair or credit restoration companies.  Any company that wants to save the time and money required to generate their own leads should consider buying leads from a leads generating company like BrokerCalls.  Buying leads allows you to bypass the marketing process and immediately start talking to customers interested in your exact services over the phone.    

How Do you Know You’re Buying Quality Leads?

At BrokerCalls we find qualified inbound phone leads that are actively searching for the credit repair services your company offers.  We generate top quality leads ourselves and BrokerCalls uses B2C lead generation tools to monitor lead quality to ensure they meet the standard in terms of target market, call time, the content of the call, call duration, compliance, and more. 

How Does the Process of Buying Credit Repair Leads Work?

Buying credit repair leads is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.  Here’s how it works:

  • BrokerCalls currently runs marketing campaigns that drive prospective credit repair customers to connect over the phone. 
  • When you sign up to work with BrokerCalls, you will tell us exactly what kinds of leads you are looking for.  For example, you might be looking for customers who have a credit score over or under a set number, are in a certain geographic area, or are calling during hours that your company is open and available to take calls.
  • Based on your preferences, BrokerCalls will set custom filters to ensure we are receiving the exact type of credit repair leads you want. 
  • When interested customers are searching online for credit repair services, they find our campaigns, see our phone number and call. 
  • BrokerCalls receives the call and asks a series of questions to help ensure the lead meets your predetermined requirements. 
  • Finally, once the call has been qualified it is transferred to your company in real-time.  For customers, the process is seamless and feels very much like calling a business directly. 

Why Buy Credit Repair Leads from BrokerCalls?

BrokerCalls is growing quickly due to our proven reputation for quality.  We work hard to earn the trust of the companies we work for.  We develop long-term relationships as your partner in marketing and provide a steady stream of high converting leads to your company for as long as you like. 

Find out how to start getting credit repair leads today! Contact BrokerCalls for more information 888.268.3773 Find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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