How Does Buying Leads Work
How Does Buying Leads Work

How The Process of Buying Leads Works

Buying leads entails an easy process. It allows your company to completely bypass the marketing process and quickly gets you speaking directly with customers interested in your products or services. 

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Generating your own leads takes time, money, staff, and numerous other valuable resources. It’s a complicated and expensive process that’s hard to put a value on. When you buy leads, you’re circumventing the entire marketing process and jumping straight into sales. 

Buying BrokerCalls phone leads means your phone starts ringing right away with qualified potential customers looking for the exact products and services you offer. In the traditional marketing and sales funnel model, buying leads circumvents all the initial stages of the funnel and inserts you right at the end of the process where a lead is ready to convert and become a customer. 

Buying Leads Bypasses Marketing

Buying leads from BrokerCalls is efficient and cost-effective.  Here’s how it works:

  1. BrokerCalls creates marketing campaigns designed to drive prospective customers to connect over the phone. These campaigns include all of the same marketing efforts any successful company would employ, aspects like SEO websites, paid search campaigns like Google Ads, email campaigns, and social media marketing.  
  2. Companies looking for leads sign up with BrokerCalls. These companies tell us exactly what kinds of leads they’re looking for. Then, based on the customer’s preferences, we set custom filters to ensure they are only receiving the exact types of leads they want. The qualifications are unique for each company we work with. They might include areas like the geographical region the call is coming from, the time and day the call is coming in, and specific details of what the caller is looking for.
  3. BrokerCalls runs the campaign. Leads are generated by our in-house marketing efforts and through affiliates. They are TCPA compliant and can be prequalified by a live agent.
  4. Interested customers call. While searching the web for particular products or services, people find our campaigns, see the phone number, and call.
  5. BrokerCalls receives the call. Calls are answered either by one of our friendly representatives or a simple automated menu. For customers, this interaction feels very similar to calling a business directly. They are asked a series of questions based on the predetermined parameters in order to qualify the lead.
  6. Qualified calls are transferred directly to your company in real-time. We can set your campaign to only send you calls during hours when your sales team is available to answer calls. 
  7. You pay BrokerCalls for the leads. You only pay for calls that last 90 or 120 seconds or longer. We offer two different payment options, some of our customers pay upfront and have a credit from which the cost of leads is deducted. Other clients are invoiced weekly for the calls received the previous week. 

What Verticals Does BrokerCalls Offer?

BrokerCalls can supply a steady stream of qualified phone leads for a wide variety of industries. We currently provide leads for:

Buying leads from BrokerCalls involves a simple and easy process. Find out how to start getting leads today. Contact BrokerCalls for more information 888.268.3773 Find us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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