What you can do to grow your health insurance business quickly and efficiently.

The topic of health insurance is an important one for the majority of Americans. If a person is sick or in an accident, he or she should have peace of mind knowing that a reliable insurance company will be able to help share the burden of healthcare costs.  .  

Still, there are people who have not yet finalized their decision to commit to a health insurance plan. Perhaps it’s something  they know that they need to do, but for one reason or another, they simply have not moved forward.  

The BrokerCalls team works with your health insurance agency to provide solid health insurance phone leads. We use a unique call screening system to supply you with customers that are ready to move forward with purchasing an insurance policy now. You just tell us what you’re looking for and we direct the right calls straight to your business. 

You’ll gain access to our call tracking platform where you can see: 

  • Caller IDs 
  • Call durations 
  • Billable calls 
  • Time of day of call 
  • Plus more! 

You can decide: 

  • When to receive calls 
  • Locations you receive calls from 
  • How many calls you want to receive each day 

Open enrollment season  

Insurance companies are very specific when it comes to enrolling in and making changes to policies. The best, and sometimes only, time to enroll in a health insurance plan is during open enrollment. This narrow window from November to December means that insurance agents have a short time to enroll lots of new customers.  Maximize your earning potential during open enrollment by letting BrokerCalls funnel interested callers ready to make a purchase straight to your sales team.  

Popular health insurance interests  

BrokerCalls has the ability to connect you with people who are looking for various insurance verticals. Are your ideal customers looking for:

  • Health care sharing plans? 
  • Medicare supplements?
  • Discount medical cards?  
  • Catastrophic plans?  
  • Short-term plans?  

You just let us know the type of plan that you specialize in and we will do the background work to find clients that are interested in finalizing their health insurance deal.  

Let us help you find interested health insurance leads  

The BrokerCalls team helps to take the guesswork out of whether a prospective client is interested in moving forward with health insurance. Our unique approach helps to filter out the clients that are not ready to commit to insurance enrollment. To learn more about how we can help you, please reach out to us at (855) 268-3773.  

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