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Lead Generation for Contractors/Remodelers | BrokerCalls.com

Investing in lead generation services for contractors/remodelers is a great way to grow your business.

If you’re a contractor for home remodels, you know how competitive your industry is. Potential customers who need your services, but aren’t yet aware of your company, could be convinced. Your first step is making those potential clients aware that your company is one of the choices they have access to. Your next step is becoming their only choice. A number of effective ways exist to help you generate such leads.

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Try search engine marketing

When potential customers search for contractors on the internet, you want ads by your business to show up there. Google Ads can work very well, but only once you have a lead generation plan in place and build expert campaigns that attract the right kind of clicks. A pay-per-click search advertising campaign that isn’t correctly designed to narrowly target your market, can end up wasting a great deal of your advertising budget.

Tell engaging short video stories

Videos, when they tell stories in an engaging way, have the ability to draw viewers in. You can use the video medium on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to show viewers how your service is able to take an unfinished space, and turn it into an attractive, finished home. Short, two-minute videos are highly popular and are able to visually communicate to your viewers how efficient and expert your services are. It can take time and investment to put good video stories together, however, and to begin to gain traction among your customer base.

Connect to other professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to connect to other businesses that are able to send leads your way. You need to build a reputation on LinkedIn, and reach out to real estate agents who tell their clients to remodel before they sell. LinkedIn can also be a great place for market research. You get to look at what kinds of trends making waves in your industry, before they appear on consumer channels, and prepare for them. Customers also look to LinkedIn as a way to tell the most professional contractors apart in the industry. Contractors need to be on LinkedIn.

Announce a contest

A contest can be a powerful way in which to gather leads when the grand prize is free remodeling services of the kind that your business offers. You can be sure that anyone entering the contest is interested in having remodeling work done. While you’ll need to give away some service for free, you’ll gather a large number of leads that you can later pursue.

Try remodeling lead generation services

While organically generating your own leads makes a lot of sense, it can also be a highly effective approach to buy them. The best lead generation companies for contractors and remodelers help these businesses by building databases of the names and numbers of homes and businesses in need of these services and passing them to you.

Remodeling lead generation services gather leads in a variety of ways. They use content marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to amass a vast database of information about consumers and businesses in the area, and, then, apply a variety of filters to them to suit the demands of individual contractors. These services are able to produce a finely tuned set of meaningful leads.

If you’re interested in finding out how such a service can work for your business, you should contact Broker Calls at 855.268.3773 to talk to a lead generation expert about the process, or reach out on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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