Online Lead Generation Techniques
Online Lead Generation Techniques

There are many strategies when it comes to online lead generation.

The marketing departments at many small businesses tend to heavily rely on conventional lead generation strategies – on in-person networking and referrals from satisfied customers — and neglect to take advantage of effective modern online approaches.

They tend to believe that online approaches are all about sweepstakes, contests, and other methods they consider to be inappropriate for their business.

It’s important to understand, however, that there are many conservative and highly effective ways to go about generating leads online.

There is SEO, PPC advertising, video marketing, a company blog, or an email newsletter that you can put your efforts behind. If you don’t put the best online lead generation strategies to work for you, you simply allow your competitors an unfair advantage.

Search engine optimization

When potential clients out there gather information for a purchase decision, they look on Google or another search engine. If your company’s website provides them with the information that they need, you will have the inside track when the time comes for them to actually make a purchase.

Investing in search engine optimization can help you make sure that the search engines see your website as a source of high-quality information to present in front of searchers. The easier you are for them to find, the more readily they will come to you.

PPC advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is another effective way to put your company in front of potential buyers. Not only is PPC advertising able to let searchers see the name of your business when they make a relevant search, it doesn’t cost you anything unless they actually click on your advertisement.

Leads obtained from PPC advertisements tend to be high-quality because they come from people who are serious enough about buying to take proactive steps toward a purchase.

A website designed to generate leads

Far too many businesses tend to publish website copy filled with jargon that is unlikely to be comprehensible or of interest to anyone outside of the business.

Instead, it makes sense to design a user-friendly, lead-generating website that makes information that buyers may need, readily accessible.

When potential customers are able to view content on your website that clearly shows them why your business offers a better value proposition than the competition or allows them to easily obtain information about what specific products or services are likely to cost, you will find that it functions as a powerful way to attract new leads.

Organize webinars

A web seminar, or webinar, helps you share high-quality information with potential clients. The promise of free information and guidance can bring in many serious, interested buyers. Since they need to register with their email IDs, webinars tend to be an excellent lead generation method.

Publish industry research, white papers, and e-books

When you invest in producing original research, white papers or e-books that offer information not available elsewhere, you are able to attract serious leads. These are businesses or people interested enough in your product or service to perform in-depth research on it.

When you place these resources behind a registration wall, you will have people line up to offer you their email addresses in return for access to them.

You do need to make sure that all the resources you offer are original and of high quality, however. Publishing valuable content can be more than one of the best lead generation strategies — it can actually succeed in establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry.

Publish marketing videos

Videos are more readily consumed than text. Consuming video tends to be easier, and moving images with sound tend to be more attractive, as well.

When you need to explain how your company’s products or services help solve complex customer problems, video can be the ideal medium to take up.

As you answer customer questions or talk about your products on your videos, you have a chance to show your company off in a great light. The better your company comes off in these videos, the more likely you are to bring leads in.

Publish a company blog

Company blogs tend to not directly generate leads by themselves. When you put high-quality content in your blog, however, people will come to your website for it, and, once they are there, they will check out your products and services.

A blog allows you to place important keywords for your industry on your website. Not only can you put content on your blog, but you can also promote it on social media, as well, bringing in even more leads.

As effective as conventional, off-line lead generation strategies can be, the online alternatives allow you to reach a wider audience. If you haven’t put much effort into the online lead generation in the past, embracing it could help you take your business to the next level.

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