pay-per-callYou Had No Idea What Type of Call You Were Buying

One of the exciting aspects of pay-per-call marketing campaigns is that business owners in any industry can benefit from them. You could be part of the real estate industry or the finance industry, and receiving qualified calls from a prospective customer could easily enhance the overall flow of your business. Although pay-per-call marketing campaigns can seem like a reasonably straightforward process, the reality is that several business owners feel frustrated every day by this type of advertising campaign.

Suppose you don’t work with the right company to set up this type of advertising campaign. In that case, there is a strong possibility that it will fail, and you will be put in a situation where you spent an abundance of money on PPC advertising, and you did not see the reward or benefit of it. There are several reasons why PPC advertising marketing campaigns fail. However, the most common reason is that you may not have completely understood the type of pay-per-call you were buying. You must know how these call leads were generated and where some of these potential leads came from. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know the questions they need to ask to ensure they receive quality leads, which is why they find themselves frustrated by a pay-per-call marketing campaign.

You Bought All the Calls That Were Sent to You

Business owners are often under a common misconception that the only way for pay-per-call advertising to work is through purchasing every pay-per-click lead that comes their way, but this is not the case. Instead, you must be selective to receive only qualified leads that will help you grow your business. When you partner with BrokerCalls, you can take comfort in the fact that we put leads through a pre-vetted series of questions for every one of our PPC campaigns. This process will ensure you speak to qualified leads who understand your service and that this prospective customer is ready to move forward.

You Didn’t Track Call Performance by Source, Leading to Ineffective Optimization

The only way you will know whether the phone calls you’re receiving through your pay-per-call advertising campaign are working is to track the performance of those phone calls. The digital marketing strategy you’re taking may be ineffective for optimization, and therefore, you are likely not capturing the qualified leads you’re looking for. When you work with BrokerCalls, we provide you with a tracking platform that will help you to make the most of your pay-per-call advertising campaign. A tracking platform will help you to identify where your PPC advertising approach is working and which areas of your pay-per-call leads you have to adjust. Overall this will help you to capitalize on capturing a prospective customer.

Your Call Center Script Is Flawed

It’s important to remember that your pay-per-call campaign will only be as strong as the script that you put together for your call center. When you work with our PPC advertising experts, we will help you develop a script that our call center will use when fielding these vital phone calls. This process will help weed out prospective customers versus inbound calls who aren’t entirely sure what they are calling about and just happened to see an ad campaign they liked.

If you’re ready to partner with true pay-per-call marketing professionals, BrokerCalls is prepared to work with you. We can help you develop a PPC advertising strategy that works best for you. We have a wide range of affiliate marketers that we work with, which allows you to receive and develop qualified leads that will make your PPC campaigns a success.

Stop feeling frustrated with pay-per-call advertising and start making the most of your advertising campaign. Are you ready to learn more about pay-per-call marketing and the incredible tracking software we offer? Get in touch with us today at (855) 268-3773 to learn more about how pay-per-call lead generation can help your business to grow. Don’t forget; you can also reach out to us through social media on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram

Sean d'Oliveira
Sean d'Oliveira
After graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Sean d’Oliveira began his career in journalism. After a decade in the industry, Sean transitioned into the world of digital marketing in 2017, where he honed his online marketing skills and copywriting expertise for various clients.

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