real-time credit repair leads

real-time credit repair leads

What You Should Know About Credit Repair Leads  

Unfortunately, for many Americans, debt is a part of their everyday life. To make ends meet, some people take out credit cards to cover last minute expenses and then find themselves in a position where they cannot make even the minimum payment on the card. Your credit score ultimately suffers when you miss even one payment on a loan or a credit card. The amount of consumers in need of credit repair makes finding real-time credit repair leads a valuable commodity. 

Your credit score is an important factor when you need to make any big purchases like buying a car that may require a third-party to front the initial cost. If you would like to buy a house and need a mortgage, the mortgage company will run a credit report to verify you are a trusted borrow. When a person’s credit report is less than stellar, it may prevent them from making those important purchases for themselves and their family. At that point, they may start to look for a company that will help them repair their credit, which is when real-time credit repair leads come in.  

What Are Credit Repair Leads and How Do They Work?  

Credit repair leads are phone calls from people searching for help with credit repair online. The lead will consist of a customer’s contact information who has expressed interest in finding services to remove negative marks on their credit score. 

High-Conversion and High-Quality Call Leads  

One of the best ways to distinguish high-quality credit repair leads involves being very specific in the type of client you’re trying to attract. Here are a few factors you should take into consideration when making this determination: 

  • How many clients would you like to speak with daily?  
  • Would you like to interact with these clients in real-time, or would you like the flexibility to call them back around your schedule?  
  • Would you like to work with clients with issues specific to credit card debt or be willing to work with clients with any type of debt? 

Process of Getting Credit Repair Needs 

A leading benefit of utilizing a credit repair leads service such as BrokerCalls is because it takes the guesswork out of finding credit repair leads. Instead of spending countless hours on the phone cold calling clients that may or may not be interested in taking advantage of your services, we can put you in direct contact with a client that is ready to repair their credit today. Getting credit repair leads from BrokerCalls works like this:

• BrokerCalls creates and runs advertisements online designed to get people searching for credit repair to call
• When a person calls, they’re asked a series of questions to make sure they qualify as a good credit repair lead
• Once a call is qualified, it will be transferred directly to your business in real-time.

When you speak with a BrokerCall team member, we can help you answer any questions to ensure you consistently receive the credit repair leads you want.  

Let BrokerCalls Help You Get Real-Time Credit Repair Leads  

The BrokerCalls team has a unique approach when it comes to providing you with real-time credit repair leads. We offer a professional team that can screen clients interested in using your services to fix their credit. You let us know the client’s specifications that you would like to speak with, and we can pass them through to you in real-time or at your convenience. If you are interested in learning more about our process, please call today at (855) 268-3773. You can also reach us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn. We look forward to helping you grow your credit repair business.  


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